PS5 DualSense controllers already have a drift problem — what you need to know

Sony PS5 Dualsense Controller
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The DualSense controller, which launched alongside the PS5, isn’t even three months old, and already people are starting to suffer from problems. One particular may be familiar to anyone who knows much about the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons. 

That’s right, like the still-ongoing issues with Joy-Con drift, people are starting to have the same drifting issues with the PS5's DualSense controller. Even when nobody is touching the controls.

It seems these issues have been happening on and off in the months since the PS5’s November 12 launch. There are several Reddit threads where people have filmed their controllers drifting around. There are also several more recent stories over on Twitter, which can be found if you search for “PS5 controller drift” or “Dualsense drift”.

In case you didn't know the dualsense is in fact vulnerable to stick drift. from r/PS5

One Reddit user claimed to have started suffering DualSense drift after just ten days, and tried every possible way to fix the issue. Turning the Bluetooth on and off, power cycling the PS5, resetting the controller, and charging it overnight in case of battery issues. 

DualSense drift: How to get yours fixed

Fortunately is DualSense drift happens to you, you can get your controller fixed. Kotaku’s Ari Notis went through the process, and after going through support and a live chat was told to call Sony directly. Notis then had to sit through “a dozen pre-recorded messages” about how PlayStation support is not the place to go to try and find a PS5. 

Notis then spent 17 minutes on hold, before reaching an agent who confirmed drifting is covered by the DualSense’s warranty. Unfortunately, your only option is to pay to have it shipped to Sony for repair. While the console-maker said it would cover the cost of sending your controller back, the cost of actually getting it there is all on you. And no, you can’t try and reclaim that cost back later.

If your DualSense controller has started drifting, and troubleshooting isn’t solving the problem, going through Sony is going to be your only option. You can get in touch via its dedicated PS5 hardware portal, and then Sony reps will be able to guide you through the process. Just be prepared to have to sit on the phone for a while and be patient with the repair time.

In the meantime. you won’t be able to play any PS5 games unless you’re willing to pay $70 for another controller. Fortunately. your PS4 games will play just fine, since they are compatible with the old DualShock 4 controller. 

Those of you without a PS5 who haven’t touched a DualSense controller, let alone have one go rogue on you, shouldn't give up hope. PS5 stock is arriving all the time, and if you act fast you may be able to pick one up for yourself. So be sure to check our where to buy PS5 page for all the latest news and stock updates.

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