PS5 games event will happen 'soon,' according to Sony

PS5 June 4 event
(Image credit: Sony)

Earlier this week, Sony postponed its June 4 PS5 “The Future of Gaming” showcase in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. But fans may not have to wait much longer, as Sony has said a new date for the event is coming "soon." 

A description under the original trailer for the PS5 event on Sony’s YouTube channel was spotted by Push Square, which noted that the event is simply postponed and not cancelled. "This event has been postponed. We'll be in touch with a new date soon,” the description reads. 

Exactly how soon that will be is unclear. But we would suggest it could be a matter of days or weeks rather than Sony pushing the event back to July. Microsoft is due to showcase first-party next-generation Xbox games in July, so Sony will still likely want to get ahead of its next-generation console rival. 

While excitement around the PS5 and Xbox Series X is building, Sony arguably needs a big real event, as so far it’s only shown off the DualSense controller and carried out a rather dry deep-dive into the PS5 specs. The final design of the PS5 has yet to be revealed, no exclusive games have been officially announced, and the price of the next-generation console remains a mystery. 

We were hoping to get a glimpse into Sony’s plans today, but understandably it decided that the time is not right to make such an announcement. Currently, protests and demonstrations in the US and beyond are taking place over racial injustice and police brutality. Sony doesn’t wish to distract from such critical societal issues, and thus cancelled its June 4 event while also declaring that it stands behind the Black Lives Matter protests and movement. We've compiled a page on how you can help Black Lives Matter if you want to learn more about the movement.

When Sony does decide to have its PS5 event, we are expecting to see a whole host of next-generation games and PS5 exclusives, as well as an idea of how the PS5’s superfast SSD and 3D audio will be put into effect to step-up gaming experiences. We’d also like to hear a little more about how it will handle backwards compatibility and other features the PS5 could bring to bear.  

Roland Moore-Colyer

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