PS5 cross-gen saves are a mess — here's why

Dirt 5
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The PS5 has suffered another blow after the upcoming rally racing game Dirt 5 has announced that it too is unable to transfer PS4 saves to the next-gen PlayStation. 

This has come directly from game developer Codemasters, in a reply to a user from the official Dirt Twitter account. Dirt 5 is letting PlayStation and Xbox users upgrade their game to the new generation for free. However exactly what can be transferred over differs between the two. 

Moving a PS4 save to the PS5 will keep users' Playgrounds, their custom-made racing and stunt arenas. But progression data from the career mode, and the user's currency and liveries will not. Meanwhile the Xbox, all progress can be transferred between the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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This follows similar irritating news from Sega that Yakuza: Like A Dragon will also be unable to transfer PS4 saves to the PS5, despite offering a free upgrade to a next-gen version of the game. Yet it's not that it's impossible for Sony to offer cross-generation saves - that's exactly what it's offering with the Spider-Man remaster.

This isn't a problem you'll face on the Xbox Series X. Microsoft's Smart Delivery feature promising that you will be able to own a single copy of a game that works on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC, with the ability to transfer saves between them.

As Eurogamer noted, Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb and Xbox Games marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg made tweets hinting at how these issues aren't a problem on the Xbox ecosystem. Even if you're a PlayStation owner, the ability to move games between your gaming PC and consoles without a hindrance is a compelling reason to pick up a Series X over a PS5, even if you lose out on cross-generation benefits.

The PS5, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are on pre-order sale now, with both Sony and Microsoft releasing their new consoles properly in November. Although the PS5 lacks the Series X's Smart Delivery ability and has a slightly less powerful GPU, it does offer additional features for game immersion, like the new DualSense controller and 3D audio capabilities.

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