LG OLED TVs just got a killer upgrade for for gaming

LG Dolby Vision gaming update
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LG OLED TVs are some of the best 4K gaming TVs you can buy, but it's about to get even better with the firmware update that's rolling out to select LG OLED TVs today.

With the release of Firmware version 03.15.27, the LG C1 OLED and LG G1 OLED TVs will get expanded support for HDR gaming, and now will support 120Hz gaming with Dolby Vision HDR at 4K.

LG OLED TVs have already got top marks for gaming, thanks to full HDMI 2.1 support — the latest HDMI standard, offered on both the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles. With features like variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low-latency mode (ALLM), not to mention support for 4K resolution with up to 120Hz framerates, these TVs offer the best gaming experience you can get. But today's firmware update adds a new capability.

High dynamic range (HDR) content uses additional data to deliver a more vibrant picture, providing brighter lighting for bright portions of the screen and dimmer backlight for darker portions of the screen, like deep shadows and night skies. The effect is especially pronounced on OLED TVs, which can control brightness at the level of individual pixels.

Among the different HDR formats available, Dolby has taken a leading position with Dolby vision HDR, a proprietary HDR format that delivers more granular lighting control and lifelike images.

Until now, gaming in HDR was limited to 60 frames per second, but the new firmware from LG unlocks the ability to play Dolby Vision-enabled games with frame rates up to 120 fps. That means a smoother and more responsive gaming experience while also getting best in class HDR capability.

As of this writing, high frame rate Dolby Vision game content is only supported by the Xbox Series X, and not the PS5. Xbox users may already have Dolby Vision 120Hz through the Xbox Insider test program, but the capability is expected to roll out to all Xbox users in the future. Sony has also promised Dolby Vision support in the future, but the PS5 only supports the more basic HDR10 format at this time.

LG said that the new firmware is initially rolling out to current LG C1 OLED and LG G1 OLED TVs starting today, with support for more OLED and non-OLED LG TV models coming in July. 

"Additional premium models in LG’s 2021 TV lineup such as OLED Z1 series, QNED Mini LED QNED99 series and NanoCell NANO99 series TVs will also receive the update in July," LG announced. "Additional 2021 and 2020 TV models are also being tested for Dolby Vision gaming in either 60Hz or 120Hz."

The firmware update is free, and there is no additional expense for this enhanced gaming capability. LG Smart TVs, using webOS and setup with an internet connection should receive updates automatically. If your TV does not receive the update, you can manually check for updated software in the LG TV settings. (Check out our extensive guide How to use your LG TV to learn more.) 

To top all of this up, LG OLED TVs now also support Google Stadia

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