How to use your LG TV

How to use your LG TV
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Navigating a smart TV can get complicated, and LG smart TVs with webOS are no exception. As new features are added to TVs, like streaming services, smart home control and voice interaction, figuring out how to do the basics — like getting your TV up and running, or adjusting the picture — is more complex than ever.

But even with all of the software and apps, the wired and Wi-Fi connectivity and the motion- and voice-enabled remote controls, it's easier to figure out your smart TV with a step-by-step guide. And that's what we've got for you, with illustrated instructions that walk you through solving the most common problems with your LG smart TV.

We've got help for you whether you have a 2020 LG TV or an older model. And if you're looking to upgrade to an LG smart TV, we've even got a few of our favorites to recommend on our list of the best TVs.

Which LG TV do you have?

Figuring out what model of TV you actually have can be a little difficult, but there are two ways to find the model number. Once you figure this out, you can determine the year it was made, the how-to guides that apply to it, and even search for additional support materials from LG.

Look for the manufacturer label on the TV itself
Find this label on the back or side of the TV. This will usually be an unobtrusive label, with very fine print.

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On the label you should find both the model number for the TV, as well as the unit's individual serial number, power requirement information, and a phone number for customer support. It’s worth taking a picture of this label, so in case you forget it, you don’t have to move your TV once it’s set up.

Find the model information in the TV's settings
Open the Settings menu, and navigate to "All Settings." Here you'll find the full listing of settings and adjustments for the TV.

Look for the "About this TV" tab, and open it. The TV model number should be listed in the information under this tab.

Getting started with your LG smart TV

If you have a current 2020 LG TV, which uses version 5.0 of LG's webOS operating system, we've got instructions that will walk you through the basics. This includes setting up your TV and adding or removing apps, updating the smart TV software and setting up LG's ThinQ AI voice assistant. We've got step-by-step instructions that will navigate you through the menus that let you control your LG smart TV's features and settings.

How to set up your LG TV
Here's how to get started setting up your LG smart TV for the first time, from the first time your power it on to pairing the remote, connecting to Wi-Fi and scanning for channels.

How to install & remove apps on an LG TV
Whether you want to stream movies and shows, catch the latest news or control your smart home gadgets from the comfort of your couch, there's probably an app for that. Here's how to find new apps for your LG smart TV, from browsing the LG App Store to installing the app of your choice. And when you want to remove an app, we show you how to uninstall it, or simply move where the app lives on your home screen.

How to update the software on your LG TV
How to update your LG smart TV firmware for the latest version of webOS, along with the latest features, apps and security.

How to setup ThinQ AI on your LG TV
Unleash the power of LG's ThinQ AI, which combines artificial intelligence with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for the ultimate in voice-driven convenience.

Using an older LG TV

If you're using an LG TV from before 2020, we still have help for you! Our 2018 LG settings guide can help you with all of the ins and outs of older LG TVs. This guide offers simple answers to these questions for all LG models using webOS 4.0, and includes advanced features like ThinQ AI and Google Assistant.

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Though it's focused on 2018 models, the basics will often apply to other versions of webOS, as well, including 2017 and 2019 models. Specific features will usually keep the same names, feature controls will usually be found in the same settings menus, and the basic logic for finding a specific feature should hold true even for models from other years.

You can find a full, indexed collection of our guide to 2018 LG smart TVs in our LG TV 2018 Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak.

In that guide, you'll find more than a dozen how-to guides to using your older LG TV with webOS 4.0, from initial setup to changing picture and audio settings.

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