OnePlus Pad set for February launch — this could be the next great Android tablet

Leaked render of the OnePlus Pad Android tablet.
(Image credit: OnLeaks/Twitter)

The OnePlus 11 already launched in China earlier this month, but its global launch won’t come until February 7. We already knew that the new OnePlus Buds Pro 2 would join the latest OnePlus flagship Android phone, but now there’s a new device joining the party.

According to OnLeaks on Twitter, OnePlus will launch the OnePlus Pad on February 7 as well. TechRadar has also reported that OnePlus has confirmed that the new tablet will launch alongside the OnePlus 11’s global launch and OnePlus Buds Pro 2. 

The new tablet is currently set to come out in one color — Halo Green — which OnePlus says “blends the vibrancy of life with the vastness of space.” We’re not sure that it quite hits such an otherworldly description, but its aluminum alloy design certainly looks nice.

Aside from the green hue and aluminum body, there are a couple of other specs revealed in these leaked details. The tablet features a large 11.6-inch display on par with the smaller of the two iPad Pro models. The front-facing camera is on the right edge for use in video calls while in landscape mode, but the details on the rear camera are a little foggier. There is a circular housing on the back and also along the longer edge of the tablet, but it is unclear at this time if there is one camera or two in the rear camera housing.

Other details include the volume keys, which are on the right side of the device and a cutout on the left side that appears likely to house some type of stylus. It is unknown at this time if the OnePlus Pad comes with a stylus or if you need to purchase one separately if there is one at all. 

It will be interesting to see how the OnePlus Pad holds up against the best tablets on the market. Will it manage to hold its own against the latest iPads? More importantly, could it finally make Android tablets worth buying? Our games editor Marshall Honorof says that you should not get an Android tablet at the moment — so maybe the OnePlus Pad will change that. We will have to see how it performs once it launches alongside OnePlus’s new flagship phone.

Malcolm McMillan
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