OnePlus Nord N10 sequel launch looks imminent — here’s the proof

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It looks like the follow-up to the OnePlus Nord N10 is already on the way, despite the fact the original model arrived less than six months ago.

Information from @stufflistings on Twitter suggests that the OnePlus Nord N10 2 is going to be arriving very soon. This is thanks to certification listings for a ‘OnePlus Ebba’ on India’s BUS and Singapore’s IMDA.

The listings don’t give us very much information, so it’s impossible to say when the Nord N10 2 might launch. The original Nord launched last August, with the Nord N10 and Nord N100 following on in November. Were these flagship devices we’d expect there to be a year-long gap between each iteration.

But the OnePlus Nord phones are not flagships, and when cheap phones are concerned anything can happen. After all, the N10 wasn’t hugely different from the original OnePlus Nord, and the two even crossed over in markets like the U.K.

But this leak creates more questions than it answers. Certification in India and Singapore suggests that the phone will be available in those countries, though the fact it hasn’t been spotted at the FCC doesn’t bode well for a U.S. launch. However, it could be a staggered launch.

There have also been several rumors about new additions to the Nord range over the past few months — including a now seemingly-cancelled OnePlus Nord SE. But none of them have come to fruition. I

But if a launch is coming in the next few months, we can expect to be seeing a lot more from this phone. We’ll bring you more on the OnePlus Nord N10 2, and any news on other Nord devices, when we hear it.

Tom Pritchard
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