OnePlus Nord SE looks dead — but OnePlus Nord 2 still coming

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We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a OnePlus Nord SE, but it turns out that the successor to the original OnePlus Nord might have just been cancelled.

That’s according to leaker Max Jambor, who first leaked the news that OnePlus was actually developing the OnePlus Nord SE. Apparently the phone won’t be presented to the public, so it might as well have not existed at all. 

The OnePlus Nord SE first leaked back in November. The phone was slated to be an upgraded version of the OnePlus Nord, complete with enhanced features like 65W fast charging. Jambor also claimed the phone would be made in collaboration with designer Joshua Vides, and would be a “Special Edition” version of the original Nord rather than a proper sequel.

But it seems as though this phone is no more. It’s not clear why, though Jambor hasn’t mentioned the word “cancelled” or other similar words. Instead he simply says that the phone will not be presented to the public. Which seems a little bit pointless, particularly if the phone does exist.

Even if OnePlus has no intention of mass producing the OnePlus Nord SE, there could be some value in showing the public what it was working on regardless. After all, the company already showed off the OnePlus Concept phone last year, and made it very clear that it was not a commercial handset.

Unless, of course, there are other mitigating factors involved. Like the reported partnership with Joshua Vides, which may be complicated by a decision to publicly display the phone without going on sale. 

According to Jambor the name “OnePlus Nord SE” may be used for a future phone. It just won’t be the same phone we’ve been expecting to see since late last year. He also notes that the OnePlus Nord 2 is still coming, so those waiting for a solid mid-range offering will have something to look forward to.

We’re expecting a launch sometime in late summer or early fall, with a design that looks pretty close to the original OnePlus Nord. Rumors also claim it will be coming with a MediaTek Dimensity chipset instead of one of the more expensive Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. That will keep the costs down, and preserve the idea of the Nord range being a wallet-friendly phone range.

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