OnePlus confirms Nord N200 — budget 5G phone will cost under $250

OnePlus Nord LE
(Image credit: OnePlus)

As ever, OnePlus is dribbling out details for its upcoming phones, and the latest info drop for the Nord N200 includes some eye-catching specs for a budget device. The phone will include 5G and 1080p 90Hz display, all for under $250. That would rank among the cheapest phones on our list of the best 5G phones — cheaper than even OnePlus' own $299 N10 5G.

In an interview with PCMag, CEO Pete Lau said the Nord N200, which OnePlus announced in late May alongside the OnePlus Nord CE, would be the company's least expensive 5G phone so far. "The OnePlus Nord N200 5G is fully upgraded from OnePlus Nord N100 with excellent performance and a solid 5G experience," Lau said. 

The Nord N200 adopts some of the features of last year's N10. The N10 had a Full HD 90Hz LCD display, as well as 5G support. 

Those who bought last year's N100 had to make do with a 720p 90Hz screen. That device cost around $235 at the outset, but lacked 5G. So the N200 should be an upgrade over that device.

Lau and OnePlus also offered PCMag an early peek at the Nord N200 with a teaser image. The handset has three rear cameras and a hole punch front-facing camera in the top left of the display. It appears as though there's a fingerprint scanner built into the power button too. 

OnePlus Nord N200 5G

(Image credit: PCMag)

OnePlus hasn't revealed other specs or a release date for the Nord N200 as yet. The company has a habit of drip feeding details about its devices, so more info should emerge soon.

There are some other phones in the same price range as the N200 that offer 5G, such as the Samsung Galaxy A32. At least when it comes to the screen, the N200 is a more appealing option than the A32, which has a 720p 60Hz display. Time will tell whether OnePlus has given the N200 enough oomph elsewhere to live up to a solid first couple of specs.

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