OnePlus 8 Pro killer feature just confirmed — and it blows away every Android phone

OnePlus 8 Pro screen protector
(Image credit: Evleaks)

OnePlus has just revealed the wireless charger for its upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro, with the stand-like device offering twice the power of the Galaxy S20's wireless charger. 

We had a good idea what the OnePlus wireless charger would look like thanks to earlier leaked pictures from serial tech leaker Evan Blass, which not only showed off the wireless charging stand for the OnePlus 8 Pro, but also a screen protector for both OnePlus 8 models, and a transparent bumper case. 

At first glance, the Warp Charge 30 Wireless looks like a fairly standard wireless charging stand, akin to a chunkier and more industrial designed Pixel Stand wireless charger, which made its debut with the Pixel 3 XL

But it’s the use of Warp Charge 30 that makes the OnePlus 8 Pro’s wireless charging stand out. With 30W of power, OnePlus’ rapid charging tech means the wireless stand beats the wireless charging capabilities of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, which uses 15W Qi-based wireless charging. 

In fact, the Warp Charge 30 Wireless offer wireless charging that's faster than the 25W wired charger included with the Galaxy S20 lineup. Samsung does offer a faster 45W optional wired charger, though.

OnePlus 8 Pro wireless charger

(Image credit: Evleaks)

OnePlus said its charging stand can take the OnePlus 8 Pro from 1% to 50% battery capacity in around 30 minutes. 

Charging at such speeds can make a phone rather warm,  so OnePlus has used an "isolated charge pump" which is claims maintains a 97% charge efficiency to the OnePlus 8 Pro but also minimises the amount of electrical energy that's turned into heat. Combined with the wireless direct charging architecture, which taps into the Warp Charge tech found in previous OnePlus phones,  OnePlus claims its wireless charger is both fast and stable. 

For a few generations of phones, OnePlus has been defending the lack of wireless charging in its flagship-chasing handsets, claiming that ditching the wires would mean slower charging. 

But with the OnePlus 8 Pro, it looks like the company is finally relenting to feedback, and has found a way to make wireless charging just a speedy as its impressive Warp Charge tech.  

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