OnePlus 8 leaked colors make Samsung Galaxy S20 look boring

oneplus 8 interstellar glow and glacial green
(Image credit: Roland Quandt/

We've heard a lot of information about the OnePlus 8 in advance of that rumored phone's likely launch in April. New official renders are now giving us a better idea of what the flagship phone from OnePlus might look like.

The renders come from phone leaker Roland Quandt, who shared them with German blog They're described as official renders, and they show off the colors OnePlus is planning for its next phones. If accurate, expect a pretty eye-catching look for the different OnePlus 8 models.

In particular, the version known as Interstellar Glow looks particularly stunning. It features an array of colors on the back of the phone, starting with a cool purplish hue that gradually morphs into a cool orange. The look is reminiscent of a sunset, and it's the best looking colorway we've seen on a phone in some time — at least in render form.

The Interstellar Glow version of the OnePlus 8 offers a unique appearance.

The Interstellar Glow version of the OnePlus 8 offers a unique appearance. (Image credit: Roland Quandt/

Don't sleep on the green version of the OnePlus 8, though, which leaker Ishwan Agarwal says will be called Glacial Green. It's a soft, minty color that will appeal to smartphone shoppers who prefer lighter hues.

Because the OnePlus 8 is still a smartphone, you're going to get a black version, too. Agarwal says this one will be marketed as Onyx Black, and it looks a lot like any other black smartphone out there.

Still, the Interstellar Glow and Glacial Green options strike quite a contrast with some of the other flagship phones out there — particularly, the Galaxy S20 lineup. Samsung played it pretty safe with the S20, offering its new phones in black, gray and blue. The more colorful variants in the OnePlus 8 lineup could provide OnePlus with another way of distinguishing its phones from other, presumably pricier phones.

Rumors point to the OnePlus 8 appearing in mid-April. OnePlus is reportedly planning to roll out the 6.5-inch OnePlus 8 and 6.78-inch OnePlus 8 Pro, which will both run on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chipset. A lower-cost lite version, allegedly called the OnePlus Z, might debut later with less impressive specs.

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