New PS5 DualSense controller photos reveal our best look yet

PS5 DualSense Controller
(Image credit: Evzen/Instagram)

With little over a month left until the PS5 descends upon store shelves this November, eager fans are understandably still curious about several aspects surrounding the new console. One particularly interesting part of the PlayStation 5 in general is the upcoming DualSense controller, which will replace the DualShock series of gamepads when the PS5 debuts. 

The latest clue on what to expect with the DualSense controller comes from Argentinian peripheral manufacturer Evzen, which  took to Instagram with several up-close, detailed images. These photos  reveal some interesting tidbits about the peripheral that we haven’t noticed previously — namely, that the DualSense controller looks to be teeming with different textures and small but interesting touches.

At first glance, it's easy to miss the tiny iconic PlayStation symbols emblazoned across every part of the controller, especially since the device is white. Look closely, though, and you'll see them. They're especially visible along the rubber-backed grips on the controller, where you can see a mess of them scattered around in a random pattern. They're raised, which gives the controller a texturized flair on its back.

(Image credit: Evzen/Instagram)

A similar texture can be found on the analog sticks, though the PlayStation symbols don’t adorn those. Instead, there's a flat, rubberized concave surface surrounded by a ring of what appear to be star-like shapes. The face buttons are devoid of color like their predecessors, and appear to have a transparent sheen over each of the gray PlayStation icons for each button. While most of the controller seems matte, the buttons have a shine to them.

(Image credit: Evzen/Instagram)

You’ll also see a close-up image of the USB-C port near the controller's Sony logo, as well as a back and side view of the controller. It could potentially be the photo coloring, but while most images make the DualSense seem as though it's straight up monochromatic with a black and white design, it appears there may be a bit of a navy hue to the black portion of the controller.

Evzen also worked to disassemble the DualSense controller to get a feel for how it works, posting a series of some of the most detailed photos we've seen of the controller just yet. However, aside from having these incredibly detailed close-up images, we still haven't had much of a chance to get to know the DualSense controller just yet. 

We do know that it will feature new haptic feedback and "adaptive triggers" that will go a long way toward changing the way we approach doing normal tasks in games, such as drawing back on a bowstring or even firing a weapon. It should be a unique experience to say the least, and a much different experience than anything we’ve seen before with the various iterations of the DualShock. 

The PlayStation 5 is set to debut on November 12 in the US and other countries like Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, and South Korea. It will hit the rest of the world a week later on November 19. We’re ready to get our hands on it, that’s for sure. 

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