New Loki sneak peek revealed — here's your first look

Loki Disney Plus
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Marvel's Loki is just a few weeks away from release now, and we've been treated to a new sneak peek of the upcoming Disney Plus series ahead of the launch. 

The clip was unveiled during the MTV Movie & TV Awards and reveals how the god of mischief met Agent Mobius. Reprising his role as Loki, Tom Hiddleston appeared virtually at yesterday's award ceremony right before the new clip was showcased to viewers. Spoilers ahead, so only read if you're all caught up on Marvel.

The one-minute-long taster features Academy Award nominee Owen Wilson — portraying Time Variance Authority's Agent Mobius — meeting the infamous Marvel antagonist during an elevator scene.

The clip begins as Agent Mobius introduces himself to Loki, who appears to be dressed in a prisoner uniform branded by the Time Variance Authority. Loki then asks the agent if he's being taken somewhere to be killed, to which Mobius responds that he simply wants to chat while also accusing Loki of lying and mocking how much he loves to talk.

Loki then goes on to ask the agent about how long he has worked with the TVA. What's curious is that Mobius' response poses more questions than it answers:

"It's hard to say, you know, time passes differently here."

A confused Loki then calls the whole situation "absurd" as the scene comes to an end and the two walk into another room.

Who is the Time Variance Authority and why is Loki with them?

As confirmed in the clip, the TVA was created and monitored by the Time-Keepers, semi-humanoid creatures who are said to possess the power to manipulate temporal energy. Apparently, the Time-Keepers sought "to protect the sacred timeline" and therefore launched the TVA, a system that now looks after different time dimensions in the MCU.

In the clip, Loki also goes on to state his own opinion on the TVA's existence: "The idea that your little club decides the fate of trillions of people across all of existence at the behest of three space lizards… yes, it's funny."

After the events of Avengers: Endgame and the heroes' many manipulations of the timeline, the Loki from 2012 managed to escape and get a hold of the Tesseract, seemingly breaking the time continuum. We are yet to find out exactly how the TVA gets a hold of Loki, though, and if he ends up developing the same personality as the Loki that fans grew to love and sympathize with, leading to his tragic death in Thanos' hands. 

Loki will be released as a Disney Plus Original on June 9, 2021.

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