New Coca Cola Byte unveiled — you’ll never guess what it tastes like

Coca Cola Byte
(Image credit: Coca Cola)

Coca Cola just released a limited edition, pixel-flavored soda. What does a pixel taste like, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine.

Following up the space-flavored Coca Cola Starlight from the company’s Creations labs from earlier this year, Coca Cola Zero Sugar Byte is another drinkable invention that that looks like it came right out of Metaverse. 

In fact Coca Cola apparently teased this curious drink in Fortnite, claiming the new flavor had been hidden in plain sight. But I wonder who would’ve been looking for — or better yet, thought of — a soda called Byte would actually see store shelves. 


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Coke Byte, which is likely named after the unit used to denote computer information and processing, is available starting next month according to CNN. I imagine it’ll be a challenge to procure at first, as was the case with Starlight. But if you have enough will to learn what a pixels tastes like, Byte will be easier to buy than a PS5

Yet like a console, Byte has gamer appeal. At Coca Cola’s Pixel Point Fortnite island, users can find two Coke-themed games. The physical soda can label will also scan Byte-drinkers into an augmented reality experience on their smartphones. The can has a special design with pixelated Coca Cola branding, too. 

Coke Byte would certainly catch my eye if I passed by it at the convenience store, but perhaps less due to the design and more curiosity about the taste. I enjoyed Starlight enough to buy it again, though how Byte will taste different is a mystery (for what it's worth, Starlight reminded me a lot of Dr. Pepper.) Pixels sound crunchy to me so I sure hope there’s no unusual textures coming out of the can. 

Kate Kozuch

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