Netflix is shunning Apple Vision Pro for now — here’s why

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Apple has made big announcements about all the apps coming to the Apple Vision Pro, but there’s one service that’s going to be noticeably absent when the headset finally arrives. Netflix previously confirmed it wouldn’t have a native Apple Vision Pro app available at launch, and now it seems the streamer’s iPad app won’t be compatible either.

The idea behind the Apple Vision Pro is that the headset is supposed to be able to run iPad apps as well as native apps built for VisionOS. That way early adopters still have a huge library of software to choose from, regardless of how much work app developers have been able to accomplish.

Netflix has confirmed to Bloomberg that it will not be supporting either option. Instead users that attempt to use the Netflix iPad app on the Vision Pro will be prompted to watch at You can watch Netflix in the Vision Pro’s web browser, but that’s about it.

Netflix hasn’t said why it’s taken this approach with regards to the Vision Pro headset. There’s an argument to be made that the Vision Pro is an untested, and rather niche item, and the company may not want to put the effort into organizing a compatible app when it’s still unclear how popular it will be.

It’s also worth noting that Apple TV Plus is one of Netflix’s competitors. Netflix has proven it’s willing to work against the wants of its users to spite a competitor in some fashion. That’s what happened when it pulled its own Marvel shows (like Daredevil) when Disney Plus arrived on the scene, according to Kingpin actor Vincent D’Onofrio. It wouldn’t be the first time Netflix had beef with Apple, either.

But that’s speculation, and the real reason could be a lot simpler than that. Bloomberg points out that while Netflix did develop an app for the Meta Quest platform, it hasn’t actually been updated for some years. That suggests Netflix is skeptical about VR in general, and not just because it’s an Apple headset.

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More so when you consider the small number of people likely to be sporting an Apple Vision Pro in the immediate future. Not just because of the price tag, but also because of speculation about limited supplies

Of course Netflix may change its mind in the future, especially given the sheer number of streaming services that will be available on Vision Pro at launch. Disney Plus, Discovery Plus, Max, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus, Peacock, ESPN, MLB and, of course, Apple TV Plus.

The Apple Vision Pro is set to release on February 2, with pre-orders opening on January 19.

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