Nespresso expands Momento line with touchless Coffee and Milk machine

Nespresso Momento coffee maker
(Image credit: Nespresso)

Nespresso has launched a new touchless coffee maker in its line of professional Momento machines. The Nespresso Momento Coffee and Milk replaces the touchscreen of previous Momento devices and instead will allow users to brew their specialty coffees using their smartphones, automatic brewing or a remote control. 

Nespresso makes some of the best coffee makers for the professional market today, but is now making moves to ensure the best Nespresso machines still have a place in the changing world of the office. 

Launched alongside the Momento Coffee and Coffee machine, the Coffee and Milk version allows for a wider variety of specialty drinks with the addition of an industrial milk frothing portion.

Whereas the Coffee and Coffee focuses on bringing two extraction heads into the same device, the new release will be able to program milk quantities while also falling back on built in presets for Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato drinks.

Kika Buhrmann, Nespresso's Vice President of Sales explains how the touchless design looks to rekindle workplace communications, offering additional safety measures to "create the perfect cup of coffee to be at the heart of these exchanges and enhance meaningful employee relationships."

Nespresso Momento coffee maker

(Image credit: Nespresso)

These safety features were introduced to the line in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the new Momento machines still incorporate the modular and quiet design of the award winning series. In fact, that ease of use still remains Nespresso's biggest selling point - different modular sections can be swapped, replaced, or simply moved around to fit the office space better keeping things flexible and also reducing downtime during maintenance or repairs. 

The Nespresso Momento is currently only sold through the Nespresso Professional network, but will be making its way to retail in August, 2021. If you're after something a little more manual, check out the best Cuisinart coffee makers available, or take a look at cheap coffee maker deals live right now.

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