Massive Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leak reveals the key specs [Update]

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
(Image credit: Ice Universe)
  • Ice Universe has leaked the specs for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
  • The key specs include a Snapdragon 855+ CPU, an LTPO display that supports QHD+ resolution and 120Hz at the same time and new S Pen features.
  • The Note 20 Ultra is thinner than the Note 10 Plus, the bezels are narrower and the punch hole is smaller, too.

A new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak has revealed the specs for the Galaxy Note 20. And it looks like a pretty impressive flagship. Our source is Ice Universe, one of the most reliable leakers around. They've given us various other leaks about the Galaxy Note 20 series in the past.

Update June 20: The images and videos that originally circulated with the specs leak apparently show the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and not the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, according to a follow-up tweet from Ice Universe

The Note 20 Ultra is compared to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, the most fully-featured version of the Note 10 series. This is encouraging off the bat because other rumors point to the standard Galaxy Note 20 having some very lackluster specs in comparison.

We've heard many times that the S Pen stylus will be getting improvements, but there's no specific information on how yet. Last year saw the introduction of air gestures, which made the stylus a remote control for the camera and let users perform actions by waving it around, so we'd imagine Samsung's going to build on these in some way.

As for the camera upgrades mentioned, we have heard that the rear cameras of the Note 20 Ultra will be enhanced by a laser depth sensor. This will hopefully help the 108MP camera that's also rumored to appear on the Note 20 Ultra, since its first appearance for Samsung on the Galaxy S20 Ultra was marred by autofocusing problems that made taking pictures difficult for many users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

Ice Universe also mentions the Note 20 Ultra uses a Snapdragon 865 Plus processor. It was once thought that the Snapdragon 865 chipset that's powered almost all Android flagships this year wouldn't get a Plus version. However Ice Universe seems convinced that there will be such a chipset, so you should expect higher peak performance from the Note 20 Ultra.

As for the screen, Ice Universe says it will have simultaneous QHD resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. That should trump the Galaxy S20 series, which could manage QHD resolution or 120Hz refresh rate but not both at once. 

This improvement is likely achieved by the rumored use of an LTPO display, a new display technology that allows much greater power efficiency by dynamically changing the refresh rate from anywhere between 1Hz and the maximum 120Hz. Since 120Hz displays are notorious for their power consumption, it could be a shrewd decision by Samsung to make use of this technology.

Ice Universe's second tweet discusses how the size of the Note 20 Ultra compares to the Note 10 Plus. It is all good news by the looks, with shrunken bezels on all sides, a smaller punch-hole for the selfie camera and decreased body depth.

There's no mention of battery or charging specs in this most recent set of rumors. But the standard Note 20 is thought to have a 4,000 mAh battery, while the Note 20 Ultra will have either a 4,500 mAh or 5,000 mAh capacity. We're expecting 25W charging for both models, but the Note 20 Ultra may be capable of using Samsung's sold-separately 45W power block for even faster charging.

We'll see if these rumors are accurate in the next couple of months. The Note 20 is rumored to have an August reveal event, where it will be joined by the Galaxy Fold 2, the Galaxy Watch 2 and other new Samsung mobile devices. 

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