New Pixel 4 Leak: Google Is Stealing the OnePlus 7 Pro's Best Feature

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Information about the Pixel 4 has been leaking again. While Google has kindly confirmed a few details already about the exterior of the phone, this latest round of rumors goes beneath the phone’s surface, spoiling all the major internal components.

This comes from 9to5Google, which has been informed by a ‘reliable source’ about the Pixel 4. Some of it we’d already heard about, but much of it is new and indicates a big step up between generations.

First off, the displays. The Pixel 4 XL will keep the same size as the 3 XL, 6.3 inches. The standard 4 is getting a little larger though, from 5.5 inches to 5.7 inches. Both are OLED displays, the Pixel 4’s being Full HD+, and 4 XL’s rated as Quad HD. 

Most interestingly, both displays are going to have ‘Smooth Display’ technology, meaning they run at a speedy 90Hz like the OnePlus 7 Pro or Razer Phone 2, which means scrolling through social media or photos on these phones should feel like a dream.

This does increase power consumption though, which brings us on to the batteries. The Pixel 4's battery is allegedly downsizing from the Pixel 3, going from 2,915mAh to 2,800mAh, which hopefully won’t matter too much if Google’s made the rest of the phone more efficient. The Pixel 4 XL is getting a little boost on the other hand, reportedly going from 3,430mAh to 3,700mAh capacity.

The phone’s body will continue along the Pixel 3’s theme of glass front and back, rather than the Pixel 3a’s cheaper plastic casing. Within its chassis, the Pixel 4 is also said to be receiving stereo speakers by the source.

The cameras are seeing a significant upgrade, as there’s finally going to be a second sensor on the rear of the Pixel 4, apparently a 12MP/16MP combo. Google is apparently also working on a DSLR accessory for these cameras, which sounds strange but kind of makes sense given their focus on the Pixel’s photo capabilities.

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One piece of information we’d heard already was the memory. Both Pixel 4s will have 6GB of RAM, up from the 4GB you can find in every previous Pixel series model. As for storage, you’ll have to choose between 64GB or 128GB, at least in the US.

It was also widely assumed that Google would use the Snapdragon 855 CPU in the new Pixels, and this is what 9to5Google’s source confirms.

Also new but previously leaked was the face unlock system in the Pixel 4’s front notch, and also the Project Soli radar system which will be used for hands-off control of the phone’s functions. 

The operating system, to nobody’s surprise, is going to be Android Q in its unaltered state, which continues to be great news for haters of manufacturer-installed bloatware. Google’s also sticking to its promise to provide updates for three years after the Pixel 4’s launch, so you’ll be able to enjoy future Android features for some time to come.

The official reveal for the Pixel 4 will come in October, along with some other announcements of Google’s latest physical products. If you want to stay up to date with what we know about these announcements, you can check our Pixel 4 rumor round-up page for the latest information.

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