MacBook gaming just got a killer upgrade with Steam Link — here's how it looks

MacBook Steam link gaming
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A new standalone app for Steam Link has just been launched on the macOS App Store, making streaming games from a gaming PC to a macOS device that much easier.

Some users have already been taking the advantage of streaming games through the Steam Mac app for sometime now. However, with Steam Link available on macOS, users who want to stream games can now have the option to choose a lighter download on the memory side (29.8MB) as opposed to installing the Steam app, which requires approximately 1GB of storage space.

This was first spotted on Reddit, after users noticed that Valve has sneakily launched the Steam Link for all macOS computers. The app is an alternative to using a dedicated Steam Mac app to stream games from your gaming PC.

This isn't the first time that Steam Link made its way to Apple devices. Back in 2019, the app was introduced on iOS and tvOS devices, with Mac users being left out until now. 

Mac devices aren't exactly classified as the go-to gaming option, nor does Apple actually intend for its line of computers to compete with other flagship PC gaming brands like MSI, Razer and Alienware

Steam Link on macOS

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With Steam Link app, you only need to install the Steam app on your host device. The Steam Link app doesn't require a login, so all you need to do is to sync the two devices is to enter the four-digit PIN that's shown on your PC on your macOS device. 

This also allows you to take the advantage of multiplayer games via invite links that are normally used via Steam. 

Before downloading Steam Link, make sure that your Mac is running macOS 10.13 or higher, otherwise your macOS device won't be able to run the new app. Another thing to note is that you have to make sure that both your Mac and your dedicated gaming PC are running on the same local network.

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