MacBook Air Slashed to $699 for Prime Day (Update: It's Toast)

Macbook Air
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Update 9:47 am ET: This deal is 100% percent claimed but there is a waitlist option.

Apple laptops seldom go on sale, which is why it's rare to see a good Prime Day deal; it's even rarer to see one that's $300 off its usual price. You can get a Macbook Air (2017) for $699 right now — but you'll have to act fast.


The Macbook Air (2017) is a powerful, pretty laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor, an integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000 card, 8 GB RAM and a 128 GB SSD. It also has a comfortable keyboard and plenty of ports.

The Macbook Air (2017) is a few years old, but it's a fan-favorite laptop, thanks partially to its excellent keyboard. Newer Macbook Airs have been plagued with keyboard issues. In many cases, the spacebar starts to malfunction; in worst-case scenarios, the entire keyboard stops working. The Macbook Air that's currently on sale, in contrast, has a rock-solid typing apparatus.

Another memorable feature is the magnetic charging cord. Unlike the Macbook Air (2019)'s cable, which connects by plugging in, the magnetic cable is both convenient and forges a strong enough connection to withstand an errant pet walking past.

This MacBook Air also benefits from having full-size USB ports and an SD Card slot, amenities you won't find on newer MacBooks.

Otherwise, the Macbook Air (2017) doesn't have the same sterling specs as the 2019 model, but it also doesn't have the same high price ($1,100), either. If you're an Apple fan — or have been wanting to become one — this is about as cheap as Apple laptops get. 

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