Galaxy S20 Ultra leaked photo shows its giant camera hump

(Image credit: Reddit user Itsbananaz)

This allegedly leaked photo of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra shows how ridiculously gigantic the camera humps are getting by the day. This thing is huge — specially when you see it an angle.

The image — posted by Redditor ItsBananazhas been deleted by the moderators of the Samsung subreddit for unknown reasons. Given its appearance and how close we are to Samsung’s Unpacked event — where the Galaxy S20 will allegedly be introduced alongside the Galaxy Z Flip — we have no reason to doubt its authenticity. It looks like the real thing, but judge for yourself:

The alleged live photo of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The alleged live photo of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Reddit user Itsbananaz)

The camera hump is truly huge, especially taking into account that the screen is a whooping 6.9 inches. By the looks of it, this optical package should be at least 2 inches diagonally. Its thickness looks ridiculous too. The 100x zoom logotype engraved on the lower part of the hump must be really big, too.

Supersize everything

The hump and the giant screen matches the rest of the (rumored) phone specs. The 6.9-inch screen is rumored to have a 3200 x 1440 pixel resolution with a eye-massaging 120Hz refresh rate. 

Running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor in the United States and South Korea (and probably the Exynos 990 in the rest of the world), the 5G-equipped Galaxy S20 Ultra has a maximum of 16GB or RAM and 512GB of storage.

This humongous camera eyesore is rumored to hold an Isocell Bright HMX 108-megapixel sensor, a 48MP sensor with optical 5X telephoto lenses that goes up to 100X thanks to AI scaling (hence the logo), a 44MP sensor with ultra-wide lenses, and a time-of-flight 3D sensor.

Finally, the entire thing is powered by an XXXXXL-sized 5,000 mAh battery. The total weight of all this technological terror? 221 grams (7.8 ounces).

The price for this beast is rumored to be $1,399, available from all the major carriers as usual. The Galaxy S20 will be unveiled February 11 and it will likely have a release date of March 6. Check out our Galaxy S20 hub page for all the latest news, rumors and leaks. 

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