Killer Holiday deal: New Echo Dot just dropped to $29

echo dot 4th gen deal
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Amazon’s Echo Dot is a great, and cheap, way to add Alexa to your home and get yourself started in the smart home ecosystem. And it just got even cheaper, right in time for the holidays.

For a limited time Amazon has knocked the price of the 4th gen Echo Dot down to just $29. That’s $20 off the normal price, and the lowest we’ve seen the latest mini Alexa speaker go for since Black Friday.

Amazon Echo Dot (2020): was $49 now $29 @ Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot (2020): was $49 now $29 @ Amazon
With quality sound for the price, a revamped spherical design, and access to all things Alexa, the new Echo Dot is a worthy purchase at the best of times. But now it's $20 off, and down to its lowest ever price, you can't afford to miss out.

The 4th gen Echo Dot completely revamps Amazon’s miniature smart speaker, swapping out the old hockey-puck design for a rounder, more aesthetically pleasing look. This new version also offers slightly better sound than its predecessor, and in our review we praised it for offering great features and quality for a reasonable price.

Everything is done with your voice, so you just need to ask Alexa to do something for you and she’ll do it. Whether that’s streaming music, controlling your smart home gadgets, calling your friends and family, or just adding things to your Amazon shopping list, the Echo Dot is there, which means you don’t have to get up and do any of that yourself.

And now the price of entry is lower than before, and the lowest price we’ve seen in a while for the 4th gen Echo Dot. So make sure to take advantage while you can. The Echo Dot with Clock is also on sale, and is exactly the same as the Echo Dot bar one exception: it has an LED clock on the front. It’s also $20 off the normal price, which means you can pick one up for $39.

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