iPhone 15 Pro Max just smoked the Pixel 8 Pro in latest speed test

Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max next to one another.
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Every year, the best phones just keep getting better and better — even if some years it's just an incremental upgrade. But are they getting faster? After all, if you're on the hunt for a new phone this Black Friday, you’ll definitely want your latest handset to sport faster upload and download speeds than your previous one, regardless of which phone carrier you use. 

Thankfully, we have answers for you. The latest PhoneBuff speed test pits Google's Pixel 8 Pro against the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the results are a big win for Apple users. Even with 12GB of RAM compared to the 15 Pro Max's 8GB, the Pixel 8 Pro lagged behind significantly, finishing a full 40 seconds slower than Apple's flagship phone. 

For context, PhoneBuff tests the speed of each handset by putting them through a series of rounds of opening apps and performing tasks up while racing against the clock. It's all dictated by an automated system to ensure accurate results, and while most users won't be putting their phones through such rigorous paces day-to-day, it is a good barometer of the raw power behind each handset.

Though the Pixel 8 Pro took an early lead, the 15 Pro Max left it in the dust once the two reached the video export test stage. The following lap only saw the Pixel 8 Pro fall further behind as the 15 Pro Max's better app optimization really began to shine. Ultimately, the Pixel finishes the final round in 3 minutes and 28 seconds, about 40 seconds slower than the iPhone’s 2 minutes and 48 seconds.

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Benchmark performances
Row 0 - Cell 0 Pixel 8 ProiPhone 15 Pro
Geekbench1,699 / 3,6662,783 / 6,945
3DMark Wild Life Unlimited52 fps / 8,79792 fps / 15,399
Adobe Premiere Rush (video editing)71 seconds24.5 seconds

The results come as little surprise. To wit, the YouTuber notes that a Google Pixel smartphone has never taken home the crown on a PhoneBuff speed test to date. We found similar results in our own face-off between the Google Pixel 8 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro Max.

After the underwhelming results we got out of the Tensor G2 chip last year, Google really had a chance to close the gap better with Pixel 8 Pro's Tensor G3. But the results are clear that the iPhone 15 Pro Max's A17 Pro chip continues to win by a large margin. 

If you're eager for more Apple news, be sure to check out our hub for Apple's "Scary Fast" October 30 event, where the iPhone maker is expected to unveil new iMac and MacBook Pro models sporting a new 3-nanometer M3 chip. Also tipped to make an appearance are an upgraded Magic Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad that finally ditch Lightning for USB-C charging. 

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