iPhone 14 price drop — what happens now that the iPhone 15 is here?

iPhone 14
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The iPhone 15 waiting game is over, as Apple has shown off its new phone lineup. But the iPhone 14 that the new phone reportedly replaces isn't going anywhere.

Oh, some iPhone 14 models have joined the parade of discontinued iPhones in the wake of the iPhone 15 product launch. For example, you won't have the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to turn to any more (unless you go to a retailer or wireless carrier or any place where they remain on sale). Those two phones are no longer part of Apple's lineup, so that you can spend on the iPhone 15 Pro instead.

But the entry-level iPhone 14 and the much larger iPhone 14 Plus remain with us. Even better, they now cost less than they did before.

Here's what you need to know about Apple's reshuffled iPhone lineup, including how much you'll pay for an iPhone 14 these days.

iPhone 14: How big a discount can you expect?

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Anyone familiar with Apple's history of dealing with older phones knows the drill — when new models come along, the older ones that remain part of the lineup see their prices fall. Usually, that's by $100.

And indeed, that's what's happened here. The iPhone 14, previously $799, now starts at $699. The iPhone 14 Plus now costs $799, a $100 drop from its previous cost. Note that those prices require you to sign up with a carrier when you buy through Apple; get an unlocked iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus, and you need to pay an extra $30.

The iPhone 14's lower price has a ripple effect on the other device remaining in Apple's lineup — the iPhone 13. Previously occupying the $699 spot that the iPhone 14 now takes up, the iPhone 13 costs $599.

There are additional opportunities to save with iPhone 14 deals, though we imagine those are in flux right now, as iPhone 15 preorders are about to get underway.

Is the cheaper iPhone 14 worth it?

Apple iPhone 15 smartphone lineup

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We look at the differences between Apple's last two flagship phones in our iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 14 comparison. But to sum up quickly, there are some pretty significant differences between the two phones.

The iPhone 15 now features the Dynamic Island cutout while the iPhone 14 has a notch in its display. Not only does that free up additional screen space on the iPhone 15, but Apple puts it to good use, as the Dynamic Island can house notifications and live activities just as sports scores and ride-sharing statuses.

The iPhone 15 offers a USB-C port while the iPhone 14 relies on Lightning. That may matter if you've got a lot of Lighting-based accessories on hand.

The iPhone 15 uses an A16 Bionic chip, an upgrade from the iPhone 14's A15 Bionic. You also get a 48MP main camera with the iPhone 15, instead of the iPhone 14's 12MP shooter.

One thing the phones have in common is their software — the iPhone 15 will ship with iOS 17 pre-installed. The iPhone 14 will be able to upgrade to iOS 17 on September 18.

Yes, the iPhone 15 has flashier changes, but on paper, the iPhone 15 certainly has enough differences from the iPhone 14 to justify that $100 extra cost. We'll know for certain how much better the new phone is once we get a chance to fully review it, so stay tuned.

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