How to preorder the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

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iPhone 15 preorders start today (September 15) at 5 a.m. PT/8 a.m. ET/1 p.m UK sharp. The Apple Store, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are just a few retailers that have confirmed their iPhone 15 preorders.

There are a number of reasons to be excited about this year's iPhone 15 lineup. From the camera upgrades with the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, to the refreshed design of the iPhone 15 Pro, and even the periscope telephoto lens tap for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, this year’s lineup is undoubtedly the biggest leap since the iPhone X.

iPhone 15 preorders start at $799 for the base iPhone 15 and increase to $1,199 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. All four phones will be available for in-store purchase starting Friday, September 22. Here's everything you need to know about iPhone 15 preorders. 

When do iPhone 15 preorders start?

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Preorders for the iPhone 15 will go live today (September 15) at 5 a.m. (PT), which works out as 8 a.m. ET or 1 p.m UK time. All models will be widely available for purchase online and in stores starting Friday, September 22. 

What iPhone 15 preorders have been confirmed?

iPhone 15 preorders begin today. Here are the promos you can choose from. (Check out our iPhone 15 deals page for more offerings).

iPhone 15: up to $650 w/ trade-in @ Apple Store

iPhone 15: up to $650 w/ trade-in @ Apple Store
The Apple Store is offering up to a $650 credit when you trade-in your old smartphone for one of the new iPhone 15 models. An iPhone X will get you up to a $120 credit, whereas an iPhone 12 Pro will get you up to a $360 credit. 

iPhone 15: free w/ trade-in + unlimited @ AT&T

iPhone 15: free w/ trade-in + unlimited @ AT&T
New and existing AT&T members can pick up an iPhone 15 for free with trade-in. You'll need to be signed up to one of AT&T's qualifying unlimited plans to get this deal. 

Infinite Access Plan: $60/month @ Boost Infinite

Infinite Access Plan: $60/month @ Boost Infinite
Boost Infinite is a membership plan for iPhone users. For $60/month, you get unlimited talk, text, and data. Plus, you'll get a free iPhone 15 Pro. After 12 consecutive monthly payments, members can upgrade to the latest iPhone model at no extra cost. There is no trade-in requirement to join.

iPhone 15: free w/ new line + unlimited @ Verizon

iPhone 15: free w/ new line + unlimited @ Verizon
Verizon's iPhone 15 deals are valid for new and returning customers. Additionally, you can trade-in any iPhone for a credit toward the purchase of a new iPhone 15. Note that you'll need to activate a Verizon unlimited plan. You'll get up to $1,000 off on the Unlimited Ultimate plan, up to $830 off on the Unlimited Plus plan, and up to $415 off on the Unlimited Welcome plan.

iPhone 15: up to $830 off w/ new line @ Xfinity Mobile

iPhone 15: up to $830 off w/ new line @ Xfinity Mobile
New and existing Xfinity Mobile customers can take up to $830 off any iPhone 15 after adding a new line or upgrading your current device. You'll also need to purchase your new phone via a 24-month installment plan. Note: You'll also get a $100 Visa prepaid card when you activate a new phone line.

iPhone 15: free w/ trade-in + unlimited @ T-Mobile

iPhone 15: free w/ trade-in + unlimited @ T-Mobile
The Magenta network is offering the iPhone 15 for free (up  to $1,000 off) when you trade-in an old device and sign up for a qualifying Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plan. 

How much will iPhone 15 preorders cost?

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iPhone 15 pricing will remain the same as its predecessors, with one exception. The base iPhone 15 Pro Max now comes with 256GB of storage and a heftier $1,199 price tag. That's $100 more than the 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max, although you do get double the storage capacity with the new model. 

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Starting costs
iPhone 15$799
iPhone 15 Plus$899
iPhone 15 Pro$1,099
iPhone 15 Pro Max$1,199

Will there be iPhone 15 preorder deals?

From trade-in credits to upgrade offers, the first iPhone 15 deals are officially live. Apple currently offers its own trade-in program that offers up to a $650 credit when you trade-in your old smartphone for one of the new iPhone 15 models. We found the most generous trade-in values on Apple's own iPhones. According to the Apple website, an iPhone X will get you up to a $120 credit, whereas an iPhone 12 Pro will get you up to a $360 credit. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro Max tops the list with a maximum credit amount of $640. However, your trade-in value could change depending on the phone’s condition, which is why you should take extra care to get the most resell value.

Besides Apple, we can expect a number of retailers and wireless carriers to offer their own discounts and deals with iPhone 15 preorders. While most people are inclined to shop Apple first then their respective wireless carrier, you can’t forget other traditional brick and mortar retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target.

How to plan ahead for iPhone 15 preorders

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Time’s running out to lower your out of pocket cost for an iPhone 15 preorder. Your planning should start now before it’s too late. Here are just a few tip on how you can plan ahead for iPhone 15 preorders:

  • Consider switching wireless carriers: We know this one might be tougher to pull off depending on whether you’re still locked into a contract or lease of some kind, but if you’re not, you can use the occasion to get better iPhone 15 pricing because wireless carriers often reserve them for new customers.
  • Post ads for your old iPhone: While those trade-in offers look appealing, you might be able to fetch even more money off your old phone by listing it on an online marketplace — like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, and eBay.
  • Clean your phone: If you do intend on selling your old phone, it’s wise to give it a proper cleaning before handing it off to its next owner. Not only should you reset the phone, but it’s also helpful to clean it off so that it looks pristine. Buyers are more apt to pay more if it’s in excellent condition.

Apple’s shaping out to have one of its best years in a long time, thanks to all the enhancements to the iPhone 15. We’ve seen how its iPhones are some of the best phones around, but we’ve also seen how they’re also top contenders in our best camera phones and best phone battery life lists. Make sure to follow Tom's Guide for our full review on Apple's new phones.

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