iPhone 14 dummy unit video just teased design for all four new models

iPhone 14 Pro render
(Image credit: Unbox Therapy)

So far, the iPhone 14 rumors we’ve heard have been surprisingly in sync, with very little disagreement about what's coming to Apple's next flagship. 

In terms of headlines, we're expecting the iPhone 13 mini to be replaced by an iPhone 14 Max, while the iPhone 14 Pro versions are likely to benefit from a new chunky 48MP camera, and could also ditch the divisive notch for something that may prove even more divisive.

But despite these differences, the design looks quite similar in the unoffocial renders we've seen, which is why dummy units offer a useful comparison. And here iUpdate has stepped in with a new video, helpfully comparing very realistic looking iPhone 14 models to what’s currently on offer.

Based on this video, the regular iPhone 14 will look virtually identical to the standard iPhone 13, while the iPhone 14 Max will just look like a larger version of that, with no design innovation beyond its growth spurt.

Still, presenter Sam Kohl is pretty clear that he believes the latter will be the big seller this year: “This is going to be the most popular model by far,” he says. “Just feeling this and seeing the two cameras on the back, it just feels right,” he adds.

But it’s the Pro models that hint at the biggest change this year. Just look at the difference between the camera bump on last year’s iPhone 13 Pro (left) and the 14 Pro dummy (right):

iPhone 13 Pro (left) and iPhone 14 Pro dummy (right), comparing the camera modules

(Image credit: iUpdate)

“It’s really only when you see these side by side when you’re like ‘oh that’s not just a camera bump, that’s a camera hump,’” exclaims Kohl. But it’s there for good reason: a boost to 48MP that should comfortably offer the best iPhone photography yet.

As for the notch, you’re better off referring to the many iPhone 14 Pro renders that have been released, as these dummy units don’t actually have screens. But for Kohl’s part, he thinks buyers will be briefly shocked and will then get used to it within minutes.

Apple’s upselling gamble

From these dummy units and everything else we’ve heard so far, it really appears that 2022 is the year that Apple begins to take upselling seriously. 

The regular iPhone 14 — based on these dummy units at least — could look indistinguishable from the iPhone 13, with the real innovation reserved for the Pro models. There’s even a strong rumor that it will stick with the Apple A15 chip used last year.

That makes sense on one level: Apple needs to make the iPhone 14 Pro stand out if it wants more people to buy it. “Faster and with better cameras” are two selling points which are both desirable and easy to understand. It will also help Apple's most expensive phone to compete with Samsung's finest — a battle we've looked at in our iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra face-off.

But if the regular iPhone 14 looks like the iPhone 13 and even has the same processor built in, then why would I not just buy last year’s model instead? That’s the question Apple needs to answer if it doesn’t want its usually reliable top seller to be left on store shelves when September rolls around.

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