Apple leaker claims iPhone 14 Max will kill the mini

iPhone 14 renders by Front Page Tech and Ian Zelbo
(Image credit: Ian Zelbo | Front Page Tech)

Update: iPhone 14 Max could be phone of the year — biggest rumors so far.

Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup is tipped to have a quartet of phones, much like this year's iPhone 13 models. Only next year, instead of an iPhone 14 mini, there will apparently be a iPhone 14 Max as a lower cost alternative to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

That’s according to reasonably reliable leaker Jon Prosser, whose latest Front Page Tech video claims knowledge of a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 being in the works, seemingly set to offer Apple fans a larger iPhone without the “Pro” premium. 

Given the iPhone 13 range has only just been released, we’d be rather skeptical of this early leak. However, it’s also something Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and tipster Mark Gurman of Bloomberg have both claimed and corroborated, noting that there'll be a big screen next-gen iPhone without the hefty ticket price. So there’s arguably something of note here. 

We’ve seen larger versions of the standard iPhone dating way back to the iPhone 6 Plus, so Apple has some history here. It was only really with the iPhone 11 range that Cupertino opted to go for Pro models, which offered more than just a larger screen, rather than make a larger standard iPhone. 

Given the appetite for big screen phones, this would also seem like a shrewd move for Apple, especially as the iPhone 12 mini reportedly didn’t sell well. In our iPhone 13 mini review, we were impressed by the phone but we’ve yet to get a feeling for how well it has sold thus far. 

As for other iPhone 14 tips and rumors, the range is expected to get a complete redesign, with the notch being swapped out for a punch-hole camera and a flat rear camera bump. And rather than rely on just Face ID as the biometric security option, Touch ID is tipped to make a comeback in the form of an under-display fingerprint scanner. 

We still have our own wish list for the next iPhone, including 7 big things we’d like from the iPhone 14, which we’d feel would give the next iPhone yet another shot of the top spot on our best phones list. And that could get rather competitive in 2022, given we’re expecting big things from the Samsung Galaxy S22.  

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