iPhone 14 Pro looks stunning in new unofficial renders — no notch here

iphone 14 pro render
(Image credit: Front Page Tech / Ian Zelbo)

The iPhone 14 is coming soon, since its anticipated September release date really isn't that far off. So that means all kinds of leaks and rumors are bound to come out in the meantime, and now a big bit of news just dropped.

Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech revealed renders of the iPhone 14 Pro based on all of the information he's collected from "reputable sources." The slick video starts off showing the "fun" color this year, which is a light lavender.

If you've enjoyed the blue Pro models the last two years, you might be sad about this — granted, Apple could still release a blue iPhone 14 Pro, but Prosser seems pretty sure that this purple colorway will be the alternate color this year.

Heading further into the video, Prosser backs up the rumors that the standard iPhone 14 will not get the A16 Bionic chip. That's very sad news if true, making you wonder what exactly the base model iPhone 14 will do to improve upon the A15-powered iPhone 13.

Prosser also talks about the iPhone 14 Pro's 48MP main wide-angle camera, a rumored upgrade from the 12MP sensor Apple has used in the past. This has supposedly led to a 5% increase in size for the camera module. The camera sensor upgrade could lead to 8K video recording, something we're sure people are just dying to have.

iphone 14 pro render

(Image credit: Front Page Tech / Ian Zelbo)

Prosser thinks that the final images, however, will still be 12MP, which is more than enough resolution for mobile photography. Pixel binning will also apparently come into play, where the iPhone 14 Pro will scale down the 48MP raw image into a high-quality 12MP final output. Prosser also claims that the telephoto lens will go from six elements to seven.

Say what you will about Prosser's track record for accuracy, but at least he admitted to his erroneous claim last year that the iPhone 14 Pro would carry more resemblance to the iPhone 4 of old rather than the iPhone 13 Pro. He also calls into question Mark Gurman's statement that said the iPhone 14 would get a "complete redesign."

iphone 14 pro render

(Image credit: Front Page Tech / Ian Zelbo)

Moving around to the front of the phone, Prosser says that the new cutouts for Face ID serve no purpose other than to look different. He said that Apple knows no other phone looks like this, which makes us think the company is going this direction to add a level of "prestige" to the iPhone 14 Pro.

Prosser backed up analyst Ming Chi Kuo's claim that all four iPhone 14 models will have the same 6GB of RAM. He also said that he's heard about titanium sides for the iPhone 14 Pro, which would go a long way to improving the phone's durability. He also touched on the rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro's front-facing camera will cost Apple three times as much as the iPhone 13 Pro's.

As for other rumors like satellite connectivity for emergencies, Prosser wasn't so sure. This one has floated around for a couple of years — it was rumored to be coming to the iPhone 13, for example — so, as the man puts it, "who knows."

The iPhone 14 Pro seems to be taking its final shape, so be sure to check in on our iPhone 14 Pro hub for all of the latest news.

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