iPhone 12 Pro special edition revealed — and it’s only $6,600

iPhone 12 Pro Space Odyssey Caviar
(Image credit: Caviar)

The iPhone 12 Pro is all the phone you could ask for. But what if you're asking to have a piece of space debris embedded in your phone?

Fortunately for you, Caviar, a company well known for its decadent redesigns of popular gadgets, has revealed its 'Space Odyssey' range for the iPhone 12 Pro, which takes its outlandish designs a step further by giving you tiny pieces of meteorite embedded in the phone's back. 

Of course the iPhone 12 isn't officially announced yet. The earliest we'll possibly get official details is at Apple's September 15 event, but more likely it'll be another month before we get the full reveal. Fortunately, the rumors surrounding the iPhone 12 have been so comprehensive that case makers and other accessory companies are confident in making their designs to the leaked specifications.

The Caviar iPhone 12 Space Odyssey 'Moon' edition

The Caviar iPhone 12 Space Odyssey 'Moon' edition (Image credit: Caviar)

The cheapest of these iPhone 12 special edition devices is the $5,830 'Moon' model, going up to $6,110 for the 'Mars', and $6,600 for the 'Mercury' edition. That's just for the 128GB iPhone 12 Pro, however. It'll cost up to $7,750 if you want the iPhone 12 Pro with 512GB storage in the Mercury configuration.

All three feature titanium backings, with Mars getting 'composite stone' and Mercury getting bronze also thrown into the mix, creating a unique star chart-style design with your celestial body of choice rendered as a semi-circle in the bottom third.

The Caviar iPhone 12 Space Odyssey 'Mercury' edition

The Caviar iPhone 12 Space Odyssey 'Mercury' edition (Image credit: Caviar)

The luxury treatment goes beyond just the parts. You get your iPhone 12 Pro sent to you in a snazzy black display case, and with hallmarks embedded into the side of the phone to prove that it contains all the exotic materials promised in the marketing blurb.

Somehow, this isn't even the most expensive iPhone 12 Pro Caviar will sell you. For $23,380, you can get one with a back coated entirely in intricately carved 18-karat gold.

In terms of the iPhone 12's actual design elements, Caviar's Space Odyssey range still bears the new flattened sides, more reminiscent of an old iPhone 4 than last year's iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. It also has the four rumored sensors on the back, consisting of three cameras and a LiDAR depth sensor, except the square camera bump has been removed to let the quartet of circular lenses stand by themselves.

There are only 19 of each version of the iPhone 12 Odyssey available. So act fast if you've got a spare few thousand dollars, or you missed out on buying that gold-plated PS5.

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