iPhone 12 launch date just leaked — and there’s some bad news

iPhone 12 render
(Image credit: @EveryApplePro via Twitter)

Apple's new iPhone 12 may not offer very exciting upgrades, and some other big new Apple products could leave viewers wanting.

Twitter tipster LeaksApplePro is the source of these details (via Wccftech). There had previously been rumors that the keynote speech was in the process of being recorded, so it's not impossible that details of the presentation have made their way to leakers. 

LeaksApplePro has also revealed the dates for the event: either the 13th or the 14th of October, with Apple announcing the date on October 1. This confirms older rumors that Apple was delaying its presentation due to hold-ups in manufacturing over the past few months.

The iPhone 12 portion of the leak doesn't sound thrilling. It says "same iPhones," which makes us wonder if the design really is different. LeaksApplePro also mentions a few of the rumors we've heard before, including the new A14 Bionic chipset (which will be 5G ready), more RAM and better cameras. The improved cameras could refer to the new LiDAR depth sensor on the iPhone 12 Pro models, but there should be other enhancements.

Other products we'll be seeing are the Apple Watch 6, new Macs and a new iPad. LeaksApplePro doesn't specify what's new with the Apple Watch, only that it's a "shitty upgrade." We know from previous leaks that it will be getting blood oxygen monitoring and other new health tracking features, plus a potential new case design.

ARM MacBooks, New iPad

We'll also likely see the first ARM MacBooks, specifically the Apple Silicon chips that were announced at WWDC. These replace the existing Intel CPUs in existing Macs to give Apple more control over the design, so we're curious to see what other changes will accompany the new brains of these machines.

We're also going to see an iPad refresh, although nothing too major by the sound of it. The new model will either be a replacement to the basic iPad or the iPad Air, likely with an updated chipset. Since both of these models saw refreshes last year, it does make sense that there are no big changes planned.

As is tradition, there will be a One More Thing at the presentation: the revived AirPower wireless charging pad. While there have been some rumors of the new AirPower that have apparently turned out to be false, the general point that Apple's finally bringing out its own wireless charger seems to be true. Hopefully, it will still have the promised feature of being able to charge an iPhone, AirPods case and Apple Watch simultaneously.

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