iPhone 12 launch event is imminent — here's the proof

iPhone 12 camera render
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No one's quite certain when we're going to see the new iPhone 12 models Apple has planned for the fall. But rumors out of Cupertino suggest that the latest iPhone is getting ready for its closeup.

The LeaksApplePro Twitter account, in a tweet spotted by WCCFTech, claims that filming of the iPhone 12 launch event is underway. Because of COVID-19 and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the iPhone 12 launch event is likely to be a virtual one, so it would make sense that Apple would pre-record things ahead of time. After all, Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference keynote was pre-recorded in June and was warmly received by Apple fans.

That said, it seems a bit early in the calendar to start committing the iPhone 12 launch plans to video, depending on which rumored unveiling date you believe. One rumor, posted at the Komiya Twitter account, claimed Sept. 8 or Sept. 22 would be the iPhone 12's big day. If that's true, Apple would be giving itself anywhere from three to five weeks to shoot, edit and fine tune its iPhone 12 launch announcement.

But another rumor from leaker Jon Prosser claims that the iPhone 12 launch event is happening October 12. That's an awful long gap between when Apple is reportedly shooting its launch video and when the launch video sees the light of day — assuming that any of these rumors are actually accurate, of course.

Apple certainly has a lot to discuss at its fall launch event. In addition to the iPhone 12, Apple will reportedly talk up a new iPad Pro, the Apple Watch Series 6 and its long-rumored AirTags that will reportedly take on the best key finders. Rumor mongers are also raising the possibility that AirPower — the wireless charging mat Apple announced and then scrapped — will get a revival this fall.

As for the iPhone 12 itself, Apple is reportedly planning on coming out with four models, all of which will have OLED screens and 5G connectivity. The pricier iPhone 12 Pro models will reportedly feature fast-refreshing displays and a LiDAR sensor included with the rear camera array.

The rumor mill points to Apple staggering its iPhone 12 releases, with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max coming out in October, followed by the Pro models potentially as late as November. Apple has already confirmed that you won't see any new iPhones in September.

Philip Michaels

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