Apple Watch 5 Will Finally Feature Sleep Tracking (Report)

(Image credit: Apple)

Rumors surrounding Apple Watch sleep-tracking have been circulating since February, but previous reports suggested the feature wouldn't make its way into the wearables until 2020. Now, a new report reveals Apple will introduce sleep-monitoring for the new Apple Watch Series 5 at its keynote event on September 10.

According to 9to5Mac, it learned from sources inside Apple that sleep-tracking functionality won't require special hardware to work. Rather, the feature's foundation will be in watchOS 6 software (which will be announced next week alongside the iPhone 11 series), meaning older Apple Watch models should be able to support sleep-tracking if this report is correct.

The feature, called 'Time in Bed tracking,' will allow users to track their sleep cycles if they wear an Apple Watch to bed. Data about quality of sleep will become available in the Health app, as well as in a new Sleep app for the Apple Watch.

Though the Apple Watch has excelled at health and fitness monitoring, it hasn't supported a built-in app for logging your sleep, which is an important factor when it comes to evaluating your overall health. Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung all offer native sleep-tracking, whereas Apple's wearable only supports sleep logging via third-party apps. 

A notable issue with sleep-tracking for the Apple Watch is that many users choose to charge their wearable overnight. 9to5Mac said Apple took this into consideration and developed a feature that will remind users to charge their Watch beforehand so its battery will last through the night.

We'll find out if this report is true at next week's keynote event. Until then, stay up to date our Apple Watch Series 5 rumors and news page.

Kate Kozuch

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