iOS 16.6 is coming soon — here's all the new features for your iPhone

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While the iOS 17 beta is getting all the attention, the stable version won’t be arriving for another few months. In the meantime, it looks like iOS 16 is set to get another update in the form of iOS 16.6. 

Another beta version of iOS 16.6 has reportedly been released to developers, and that means a stable version should be arriving fairly soon. So if you’re not in the mood for unstable beta releases, regardless of those shiny new iOS 17 features, you won’t have to wait until the fall to add some extra features to your iPhone. 

Here are all the new iPhone features expected to come with iOS 16.6.

iMessage Contact Key verification 

Originally announced back in December, it looks as though iMessage Contact Key verification will finally start rolling out as part of iOS 16.6. The idea behind it is that users can choose to further verify who they’re talking to, beyond the capabilities of existing end-to-end encryption.

This feature is mainly designed for those at risk of highly sophisticated cyber attacks, or state-sponsored hackers. So government workers, journalists, activists and so on. But even though regular people are far less likely to be at risk, it’s nice to have those extra layers of security for additional peace of mind.

A new iCloud for Windows security prompt

Any Windows users who use iCloud may notice the login process is changing slightly. If you’re logging into the service on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone, changes in iOS 16.6 means your phone will flash up a prompt with a verification code. If both devices aren't on the same network, your phone will tell you to make sure they are.

New Apple Card prompts 

Speaking of security, Apple Card owners may see some brand new prompts depending on what’s going on with their card — particularly if they’ve disputed a transaction. Prompts reportedly include “Did you make this purchase”, “Dispute status”, “Dispute Completed”, 3 variants of “Interest Charged” and “Virtual Card Number Replaced."

New Beats Studio Buds+ icons

The Beats Studio Buds+ were released earlier this month, and the IOS 16.6 beta has shown off two more icons featuring the Ivory and Transparent color options. That means if you happen to own one of the two, your phone should display the correct color scheme — rather than the default black and gold option.

Improved sports result sharing

Finally, Apple seems to be making it easier to share information relating to specific sports games, including results, from the Apple News app. Simply find the game in question, tap the three-dot menu at the side and choose “share game.”

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