iOS 16 makes transferring an eSim stupidly easy

iOS 16 at WWDC 2022
(Image credit: Apple via YouTube)

The extra iOS 16 features keep coming thick and fast, with the latest one that flew under the radar at WWDC 2022 being the ability to transfer an eSIM from one iPhone to another via Bluetooth. 

This was flagged by a Twitter user called Carson and MacRumors, with the former pointing out that when setting up a cellular connection on an iPhone there’s a new “Transfer From Another iPhone” option. This, unsurprisingly, lets you transfer eSIM cards from an existing iPhone. 

“To transfer a phone number from another iPhone, make sure your other iPhone is nearby, unlocked, has Bluetooth turned on, and is running iOS 16 or later,” Apple’s description for the feature explains.

However, MacRumors noted that this will only work if a carrier supports the feature. Otherwise, you’ll have to use the current process that requires you to contact your carrier to get an eSIM transferred.

For those who don’t know, an eSIM is basically a digital version of a SIM card which can be downloaded to a compatible phone, rather than requiring the occasionally tricky process of popping out a SIM card tray and popping in a small SIM.

Being able to transfer eSIMs via Bluetooth should streamline the whole process of setting up an iPhone when using iOS 16. Just bear in mind that iOS 16 is currently in beta, and still limited to developers at the time of writing. And we’d not suggest you install a beta version of iOS on your main phone, either, as bugs in the software can cause some major problems.

But come the fall, likely September, iOS 16 will almost certainly get a full release just in time for the rumored iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. When it arrives, there'll be a host of features to try out, including neat extras such as a handy Face ID upgrade, the ability to connect to Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers and a slick photo editing feature. We've rounded up all of our favorites in a list of our 15 best iOS 16 features.

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