iOS 16 beta 5 is out — here’s the new features for your iPhone

iOS 16
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Apple has released beta 5 of iOS 16 to developers which brings back the battery percentage on the status bar and a “copy and delete” option for screenshots amongst other refinements. 

iOS 16 is only about a month away from its official release to the public. Apple just launched the last iOS 16 beta 4 around 10 days ago which included editing and unsending texts in Messages, unsending an email in Mail and new Home and CarPlay wallpapers.

Now beta 5 brings some minor updates, and interestingly one that users have been wanting Apple to bring back for some time now — the battery percentage on the status bar. The iOS 16 beta 5 is currently available to developers and the changes will soon find their way to the iOS 16 public beta.

Here are all the changes in iOS 16 beta 5. 

Battery percentage in the status bar

Apple is finally bringing back the most requested iOS feature — battery percentage icon in the status bar of iPhones with the iOS 16 beta 5. Ever since Apple had removed the icon with iPhone X, users have been requesting for it to be put back. It can be done manually though, by going into Settings > Battery and then tapping on a new “battery percentage” option. 

Apple is not taking the percentage away this time — whether your phone is charging, on low power mode or not charging, the battery percentage will be shown. 

When your phone is not charging the battery percentage will show up inside the battery icon and even when an iPhone is on low power, the battery will turn yellow, but the percentage will still be seen. 

Apple had removed the battery percentage from iPhones with the introduction of notches on the iPhone X. There was probably limited space to include everything in the status bar which is why Apple did away with it. An extra step was added to view the battery percentage after that and users then had to swipe down in the control center to view exactly how much battery they had left. With this welcome update, that will change. 

The battery percentage feature is apparently not available on the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini, according to 9to5Mac.

'Copy and Delete' screenshots

There is a new “copy and delete” option that appears once you take a screenshot with the iOS 16 beta 5. This option makes it easy to copy a screenshot to the clipboard as soon as you take it. The image can then be pasted into an email, message or Notes. 

Previously, once a screenshot was taken, the menu included options to save to Quick Note or Files, delete and save to photos. Now a copy and delete option has been added to that. This will likely help make our camera rolls slightly less crowded with screenshots. 

Find My app gets a new sound alert

Find My iPhone

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The iOS 16 beta 5 also has a new sound alert that can be sent to a lost Apple device on the Find My app. 

Find My is Apple’s solution to help users keep track of their iPhone, iPad, MacBook and any Apple device on a map. If a device is lost, users can lock it through the app and even send across a ping to help detect the device. Until now, Apple had one sound alert for this, but with beta 5 in iOS 16, Apple brings a new sound alert that sounds more like a ring tone.

iOS 16 also brings the ability to delete the Find My app for the first time.

If you want to try out iOS 16 ahead of its official launch, you can read our guide on how to install the iOS 16 public beta. As we usually mention with beta software, we would not recommend running this on your daily driver since there could be serious bugs or issues.

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