If you liked The Bear, you need to watch Boiling Point — and you can stream for free

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Over the weekend I polished off The Bear on Hulu (technically on Disney Plus in the U.K.), and I adored the culinary drama from the very first bite. But I couldn’t help but feel that it tasted a little similar to something I’d previously enjoyed, Boiling Point. 

If you’ve never heard of Boiling Point it’s a 2021 British movie in which Stephen Graham plays a highly-strung scouse (i.e. from Liverpool) chef in an upmarket London restaurant. 

Boiling Point follows head chef Andy Jones (Graham) and his crew of cooks as they attempt to navigate a busy night of service, alongside grappling with personal issues that very much spill into the workplace. Aside from the location shift to England, that’s basically the same logline as The Bear. 

For me, the standout episode of The Bear was easily its seventh, "Review." That offering delivers 25 of the finest minutes of television I’ve ever watched, and a big part of the reason I loved it was its expertly-crafted one-shot presentation. And wouldn’t you know it, Boiling Point is also presented as a single continuous shot. I genuinely wouldn’t be shocked to learn that Boiling Point had inspired The Bear’s best episode. 

This is no mere substitute either, Boiling Point is of an equally-high standard as The Bear. Not only is Steven Graham magnificent in the leading role as a stressed-out chef that is very close to the edge, but the dramatic tension is expertly ratcheted up across the film's lean 90 minutes runtime by director Philip Barantini (Villain, A Violent Man). And if you enjoyed The Bear's crackling fast-paced dialogue, wait till you see how chaotic things get in Boiling Point's cramped kitchen.  

Even better you don’t need to be subscribed to one of the best streaming services to watch this film. Boiling Point is currently available to stream for free on The Roku Channel. You’ll have to tolerate a few pesky advertisements, but that’s a very small price to pay for a meal this delicious. The Bear fans in the U.K. can also easily watch Boiling Point via Netflix.    

Right now really is the ideal time to give Boiling Point a watch as well. This week, the BBC has confirmed that a new five-part Boiling Point TV show is set to begin filming next year. The drama series will follow on from the events of the movie and both Stephen Graham and Hannah Walters (who plays the restaurant's unpopular owner) are set to reprise their roles.   

If the wait for The Bear season 2 is already dragging, then Boiling Point could be exactly the appetizer you need to hold you over until the main course. And being able to watch the entire film for free is a very tasty bonus. Don't be surprised if after streaming the flick you're just as excited for the upcoming Boiling Point TV Show as your are the return of The Bear. 

Rory Mellon
Entertainment Editor (UK)

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