I tried this bedtime yoga routine with 16 million views – here's what happened

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Like most people, at times of high stress, I find it difficult to nod off at night. I’ve tried counting sheep, not looking at my phone before bed, and all different kinds of breathing techniques, but I’ll still spend hours tossing and turning before dozing off. So when I heard about bedtime yoga, I was keen to give it a try. 

Often, I opt for a much more active style of yoga – such as a Vinyasa flow, or a hot yoga class, that’ll I fit in before work in a rush to get to the office. Evening yoga isn’t something I’ve tried before, but when I found a Yoga with Adrienne, 20 minute bedtime yoga video with 16 million views, I was keen to find out more. Read on to find out what happened. 

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What is the bedtime yoga routine? 

The Yoga with Adrienne bedtime yoga sequence takes you through 20-minutes of gentle yoga positions to help you unwind and relax before getting into bed. Adrienne says in the intro to her video, “This is a bedtime sequence that is sure to help you get a lovely night’s rest and also just to let go of the day”.

It’s a very slow sequence, suitable for more experienced yogis, and complete beginners, and a lot of the routine is done from a seated position, meaning you can follow it from just about anywhere. I’d describe it as more of a yin yoga style than anything too fast. 

Yoga has a number of benefits that can help with sleep — it can help with stress relief, reduce anxiety, and help with mindfulness, all of which can help you nod off to sleep better. Parts of the Yoga with Adrienne sequence focus on deep breathing, massage, and stretching —  relaxation techniques that help to put you in a good mindset before you get into bed. 

I tried a Yoga with Adrienne bedtime yoga routine — here’s what happened 

I’ll start by admitting that I was skeptical about getting on the mat before bedtime. It felt like something else I had to fit into my routine and to be honest, I felt like I’d rather have spent the time watching Love is Blind. That said, within five minutes, I realized that I was completely wrong and that this yoga sequence was far more relaxing than the dramas of the dating pods.

Like all of Adrienne’s YouTube yoga classes, the video was extremely easy to follow along with, and aside from a pillow, I didn’t need any extra yoga equipment. I didn’t even need to change into my yoga kit — I did the entire sequence in my pajamas, so I could hop into bed after the 20-minute class. The music was extremely soothing, and I found myself breathing deeper, thinking about my day, and letting go of my worries. 

Unlike my normal yoga classes, the movements were very slow and relaxing — there wasn’t a downward dog in sight, instead, the focus was on stretching and breathing. I loved every second, and by the time I got to the final savasana, I felt calmer than I have in a long time. After the 20-minute routine, I rolled up my mat, got into bed, and although I didn’t instantly fall asleep, I definitely felt like I didn’t spend as long unwinding before I drifted off to sleep. 

Will I be adding yoga to my bedtime routine every night? Probably not — 20-minutes is a lot to commit to, especially when my evenings are usually my only time to sit on the sofa and relax with my partner and dog. That said, it taught me the importance of taking some time to unwind, breathe, and meditate before going to bed, and I’ll definitely be returning to some of Adrienne’s shorter bedtime yoga sequences at times of stress. Namaste! 

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