I just tried this killer 5-minute inner thigh workout — here's what happened

a photo of Bailey Brown doing an inner thigh workout
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I’ve been looking to achieve a more well-rounded leg day routine for a while by throwing an inner thigh workout into the mix, and what better way than this one that has clocked up nearly three million views on YouTube?

This Pilates-inspired workout lasts just five minutes and conjures up a burn for those inner thighs, proving you don’t need hours to sculpt strong, toned legs. Unfortunately, the inner thighs are often neglected in favor of the squat rack or pumping your glutes (I tried this 7-minute resistance band glutes workout, find out what happened), but for a hot five minutes, the attention is all on those inner thighs. 

Bailey Brown promises to deliver a burn, recommending that anyone brave enough to try it could do this daily for the best results. These are 7 of the best exercises to tone your inner thighs, and we even break down how to do lateral squats to keep your form tight. In the meantime, find out what happened when I braved this 5-minute inner thigh workout — not a squat in sight.  

What is the 5-minute inner thigh workout?

“This is the perfect workout to repeat 2-3 times a week, or even daily, to slim down and tone your inner thighs,” says Brown. Of course, body recomposition takes more than a 5-minute workout and requires adequate protein intake, regular and varied exercise, and a healthy diet. 

That said, it’s the perfect high-rep finisher to add to your leg day routine and will help hone those inner thighs with some Pilates flavor. The workout is follow-along on YouTube, but we’ve divulged the exercises below. Only five exercises? Good luck. 


Lift and lower

Lie on your right side and rest on your elbow, then pull your stomach towards your spine, core engaged. Lengthen your right leg out in front of you, fold your left leg behind, then begin to lift and lower your right leg. Keep toes pointed and create length through your leg.

On cue, hold your leg at the top and create mini circles and mini lifts before switching. 

Laying plie 

Lay on your back with your hands by your sides. Bring your heels together, then bend your knees outwards, heels drawing towards your bum. Keeping heels pressed together, push your feet away and upwards for one rep. 

Laying plie with hip abduction

Repeat the plie steps above, then with your legs extended above you, open your legs out to the sides keeping your toes pointed. Draw your legs back together, then repeat your plie. 

Once completed, hold your legs open (toes pointed) and create mini circles with your feet. 

Laying hip abduction 

Move straight into hip abductions minus the plie, opening and closing your legs to a one-second count. 

Laying Flutter kicks

Lay on your back, extend your legs towards the ceiling, then point your toes and scissor-kick your feet. Keep your core engaged and stomach pulled in towards your spine. 

I tried this 5-minute inner thigh workout burn — here’s what happened.

Did I underestimate the power of Pilates? Perhaps. But while I might file this YouTube video away for a rainy day, it’s unlikely I will revisit it soon. Pilates-inspired workouts generally focus on high reps and punishing pulses, targeting smaller muscles and creating fire. 

This workout was deceiving and caught me out I might have shouted a few profanities at my phone as I followed along from home. Although there are only five exercises to learn, you’ll spend over a minute on each one with very little rest before the next. 

I recommend using one of the best resistance bands to make this workout even more challenging. On the plies, wrap your band above your knees to help activate your gluteus medius (outer glutes) and just above the knees or ankles on the hip abduction exercises.

I rate this inner thigh workout. It’s simple yet effective and brilliant as a finisher or a more focal part of your routine if you plan to add a few rounds. If you struggle with your lower back, the hip abductions can be modified by standing up, but be sure to keep your core engaged.

Once you’ve given this a go, why not try this slim legs in 20 days workout or check out what happened when I tried this dumbbell abs workout that sculpts your core in 15 minutes

Sam Hopes
Senior Fitness Writer and Trainer

Sam Hopes is a level 3 fitness trainer, level 2 reiki practitioner, and senior fitness writer at Tom's Guide. She is also currently undertaking her Yoga For Athletes training course.