Hurry! New iPhone SE 2020 deal drops price to just $199

iPhone SE 2020 deal
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iPhone SE 2020 preorders have officially started and Walmart has one of the best iPhone SE 2020 deals we've seen. 

Currently, Walmart has the iPhone SE 2020 on sale for $199. That's a generous $200 off and the best iPhone SE 2020 discount we've seen. The offer requires activation and an installment plan with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. (To get this deal, choose  the model tied with the carrier you want, such as AT&T or Verizon. Stock is currently running low). This is likely the best iPhone SE deal we'll see for quite some time (till at least Amazon Prime Day).  

iPhone SE 2020: was $399 now $199 @ Walmart

iPhone SE 2020: was $399 now $199 @ Walmart
The ultimate iPhone SE deal is here. Walmart is offering preorders of the new iPhone SE 2020 for $199. That's $200 off and the best iPhone SE deal we've seen period. The offer is valid with purchase and activation on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. An installment plan is required with the carrier, although there's no penalty for early pay off. To get this deal, choose the AT&T/Verizon model and choose your carrier during checkout. (The unlocked model is not on sale). 

Alternatively, Xfinity Mobile has the iPhone SE 2020 on sale for $199. The carrier is taking $200 off all other iPhone SE storage capacities/models.

The new iPhone SE 2020 packs a fast A13 Bionic chip, 4.7-inch Retina display, Touch ID sensor, and wireless charging. It's the least expensive iPhone in Apple's lineup and one of the best cheap phones we're likely to see all year. 

That said, there are a few compromises Apple had to make to reach this price point. First, there's no Face ID support — a feature that's been standard on all new iPhones. In addition, the new iPhone SE 2020 only has one camera on the front and back. Fortunately, the cameras get a boost from Apple's machine learning tricks to capture portraits. In spite of those few limitations, the new iPhone SE is an excellent phone if you don't require cutting-edge horsepower. 

Walmart's iPhone SE 2020 deal is valid through July 17 or until they run out of stock. So get your preorders in now in case stock runs out. 

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  • Charley88
    How do you actually get this deal? When I add to cart it is still $399.
  • karenkatzx13
    It's a fake deal. It's contract/plan dependent, same ol' scheme the networks have always used.

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