How to watch Pen15 season 2 on Hulu: Release date, trailer, reviews and more

How to watch Pen15 on Hulu
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Pen15 season 2 release date, cast

Release date: Friday, September 18
Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, Taj Cross, Dallas Liu, Melora Walters, Mutsuko Erskine, Taylor Nichols, Richard Karn
Episodes: 7
Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

School is back in session when you watch Pen15 season 2 on Hulu. Yes, there are seven new episodes of the weird, awkward and hilarious middle school "traumedy" in which series co-creators Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle star as teen versions of themselves in the year 2000. 

The idea of 30something actors playing 13-year-olds opposite actual kids is extremely goofy, but Pen15 goes beyond the joke (and the title that references male genitalia) to present a sometimes painful but always endearing coming-of-age story. 

Pen15 season 2 picks up right after the big dance that took place at the end of season 1. Maya and Anna got felt up by Brandt, then shared their first cigarette. In the new episodes, they are still befuddled while navigating the hellscape that is puberty. Maya is dealing with having her first period, while Anna is struggling with the news of her parents' divorce. 

A new girl (Ashlee Grubb) arrives, turning the duo into a trio for a time. And Anna and Maya get involved in the school play, though one becomes a cast member while the other joins the crew.

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Pen15 season 2. 

How to watch Pen15 season 2 in the US

If you're in the U.S., all seven episodes of Pen15 season 2 part 1 drop Friday, Sept. 18 at 12:01 a.m. ET. on Hulu.

That means lucky West Coast viewers can start streaming tonight at 9 p.m. PT. 


Pen15 is just one of many exclusive TV shows and movies offered on <a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Hulu. In addition to its acclaimed originals like Woke, The Great, Ramy and Palm Springs, Hulu streams next-day airings of current TV shows and library content from FX.

How to watch Pen15 season 2 in the UK, Canada or Australia

Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in the U.S. 

Pen15 season 2 trailer

The Pen15 season trailer opens with Maya and Anna contemplating that most horrible of situations: a pool party. They'll have to wear swimsuits in front of their classmates ... yikes!

The trailer moves on to provide a sneak peek at Maya crushing on Brandt, Anna living in a divided home and both girls possibly trying drugs for the first time. 

Pen15 season 2 reviews

TV Guide

Pen15 season 2 reviews are universally positive. Here's a sampling of what movie critics are saying:

The Hollywood Reporter: "For the first time, it's possible to forget, if only occasionally, that Erskine and Konkle are executing a high-wire stunt. Instead, you can just appreciate the bracingly honest, wonderfully embodied, frequently (though, by intent, not always) hilarious thing they're doing."

Rolling Stone: "Pen15 has definitely changed, but in ways that are almost entirely for the better. What was once a gimmick is now a thoroughly excellent and warm show."

Collider: "The seven episodes that comprise part one of Season 2 take bigger swings both in the comedy and the drama of Anna and Maya’s continuing adventures in the 7th grade. Erskine and Konkle are true delights and they are surrounded by an equally delightful cast of actual kids who showcase a range of talent that keeps the adult leads of this show on their toes ..."

The Mary Sue: "PEN15 is easily one of the funniest comedies on right now, and it’s made so much better by the fact that the conceit of having two adults play middle schoolers surrounded by actual children is never the source of that comedy. Rather, that’s where its heart lies. That’s nothing short of remarkable."

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