Hold off on buying a Bluetooth speaker — the Sonos Move 2 just leaked again

The Sonos Move being tested in a backyard
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Our list of the best Bluetooth speakers could be in for a shakeup: The Sonos Move 2 looks like it’s launching in just a few weeks, if a new leak that shows the portable speaker in a new green color option is to be believed. 

The leak was discovered by MySmartPrice, and the photos the site surfaced look like they’re the real deal.

The new pictures show off the speaker in several environments, from a living room to a garden, and the top of the speaker looks like it will have a dedicated volume slider like its less-portable sibling, the Sonos Era 300. The photos also show off the back of the speaker and its button selection — but there’s not a lot that’s unexpected here: It’s still just the power button, Bluetooth button, mic switch and USB-C port.

This is now the second leak we’ve seen on the sequel to the Sonos Move, the first coming from The Verge who uncovered key details like the expected price ($449) and some key details about the speaker’s design and specs.

Why the Sonos Move 2 is worth waiting for 

The Sonos Move 2 in the back of a car near some backpacks.

Credit: MySmartPrice (Image credit: MySmartPrice)

Unless you’re looking for an ultra-budget Bluetooth speaker, the Sonos Move 2 stands a good chance of taking the top spot on our list of best Bluetooth speakers. Its predecessor certainly did, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the new Sonos Move 2 follows suit. 

Some of the biggest upgrades on the speaker are its two tweeters that will help the speaker achieve better stereo sound and its rumored 24-hour battery life that’s a massive improvement on its predecessor.

An earlier FCC leak pointed out that the Move 2 will be able to connect to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi simultaneously, which means you won’t have to toggle between the two modes like you did on the first Sonos Move.

According to the price leaks the Sonos Move 2 won’t be cheap, but its specs and pedigree should make it a shoo-in for one of the best speakers we’ll see in 2023. 

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