Sonos Move 2 possibly revealed in FCC filing as release approaches — and it could get a serious upgrade

Sonos Move
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The Sonos Move is an excellent smart speaker. It gives you phenomenal audio quality while remaining somewhat durable — though not as durable as the smaller Sonos Roam — and can be used indoors or outdoors with ease. 

But even though it's one of the best Bluetooth speakers we’ve ever tested, it’s still not perfect. So we’ve been keeping our eye on a possible Sonos Move 2 and hopefully some potential upgrades along with it.

And now it looks like our wish may have been granted. As reported by The Verge and other outlets, the Sonos Move 2 has been assigned an FCC ID for the model number RM044 (The Verge refers to it as S44). This is a necessary step before a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speaker can hit the market, so it is a strong indicator that a new product is incoming. The FCC ID documentation was first spotted by tech reporter Janko Roettgers on Mastadon


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But that’s not the best news. The Sonos Move 2 is also getting a much-needed upgrade, at least according to the FCC documentation. Instead of needing to physically toggle between Wi-Fi connectivity, which is the default for Sonos speakers, and Bluetooth, the new Move portable smart speaker will support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth simultaneously.

This is a major upgrade over the original Sonos Move, which had a switch you needed to toggle to change from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth connectivity and vice versa. Most likely, this functionality will be based on the same connectivity tech currently implemented in the Sonos Roam, which lets you stream Bluetooth music to it and then stream it to other Sonos speakers via the Sonos app and your Wi-Fi connection. 

Another connectivity feature the Move 2 may borrow from the Roam is automatically switching between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes based on location. Hopefully, this feature works a bit better than it did on the Roam. In our Sonos Roam review, we found that while the Roam switched from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth quite well, switching back to Wi-Fi was often a struggle. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know more about the Sonos Move 2 other than it's now closer than ever and should fix one of our biggest issues with the original. Hopefully, the portable Sonos speaker will come just in time for some end-of-summer parties, and at a price that doesn’t break the bank. 

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