Google TV just got 14 new free TV channels — what you can watch now

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Google today has announced new TV channels for its Live tab in tandem with several updates to its TV operating system (OS) with a variety of enhancements that make its software even better to use. 

The upgrades made recently, like better storage optimization, streamlined speed through its on-device memory usage, and live TV updates, all will make Google TV far less stressful and easier to use. 

These improvements, announced in a blog post on Tuesday, have already landed on devices that leverage the OS. 

New free Google TV channels 

Google has unveiled a new Advent calender that will come with a daily surprise leading up to December 25th. The company aims to bring “the holiday cheer straight to your living room” through a Holidays category in the Live tab feed in tandem with its Advent calender. 

An improved Live tab will also be a welcome surprise for Google TV users that will see two new categories added, including “Recents” and ‘Local news.” These add ons will make it simpler for users to access their most frequented live TV channels and receive news updates in a flash upon turning on their TV. 

The addition of 14 new channels will also keep Google TV users quite entertained amid the 800-strong channels available for free on the service. The newest channels added include DraftKings, Speedvision, Xumo Holiday Movie channel, and more. A Best of 2023 tab will also be available featuring all the best shows, music, and movies of the year for easy access. 

Google has not shied away from keeping its platform optimized over the past year with several improvements, like the addition of NFL Sunday Ticket and gaming upgrades. The tech conglomerate says it will continue its efforts to improve Google OS well into 2024.

Speed and storage to the moon

Also of note in terms of recent Google TV updates are major enhancements to its speed and storage. The company explained how it has optimized both its on-device memory usage and device setup parameters to ensure the OS runs smoothly and without any bottlenecks. 

Google is now going to use far less storage at initial startup, thus making it easier for users to store more content and apps on devices. This will keep TVs using the OS less constrained, as well, allowing users to more freely move about the screen without any lags or constraints. 

Several additional enhancements to speed ensure Google TV runs at a faster pace thanks to how the software uses the TV or device’s onboard memory. The company explained that it has reorganized the recommendation rows to further lessen strain on internal memory and simplified system applications so that the general user experience is far smoother. 

Google TV will also show results in search much faster, preload movies and shows before users even begin scrolling, and streamline new tab loading for swifter access. This will all make the OS much more user-friendly and efficient, letting users get to their content at breakneck speeds. 

These are all welcome additions, given just how many complaints were lobbied toward the slowness of Google TV throughout 2022 and 2023. The company has been working to fix these issues since as far back as August 2022, and its incremental improvements, like a performance upgrade this past May, can be felt throughout the year.  

With all of these awesome enhancements and many more on the horizon, it may well be the perfect time to get one of this year's best Google TVs, the Sony Bravia XR A95K, or maybe even a Chromecast itself. 

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