Google Pixel 8 Pro renders give us first look at Google’s next flagship

Pixel 8 Pro renders
(Image credit: OnLeaks/Smartprix)

We could be getting an early look at the Google Pixel 8 right here. When Google I/O 2023 rolls around in a few months, we could get our first official glimpse at upcoming Google hardware. And one leaker is giving us an early idea of what the Pixel 8 might look like when Google's flagship phone arrives later this year.

Steven H. McFly, who tweets as OnLeaks, posted some early Pixel 8 Pro renders that claim to offer a "very early look" at the larger of Google's two flagship phones. For a full 360-degree view of the Pixel 8 Pro, you can head to Smartprix, which teamed up with OnLeaks to offer the renders.

At first glance, there's not much difference between the Pixel 8 Pro renders and what Google released last fall with the Pixel 7 Pro. And frankly, that's a good thing — I'm on the record arguing that the current Pixel offers the best design among flagship phones, thanks to its distinctive horizontal camera bar that spans the length of the phone and houses the Pixel's rear lenses. That bar is very much on display in the OnLeaks Pixel 8 Pro renders.

But there are some subtle differences from the Pixel 7 Pro. For instance, the corners of the upcoming phone appear more rounded, addressing complaints from people who think the current Pixel looks too boxy.

The camera bar includes a new sensor that's located under the flash. Smartprix, which posted the Pixel 8 Pro renders, speculates that we could be looking at "a macro or depth sensor, or an entirely new sensor technology," so there's no definitive rumor on just what Samsung might be planning.

Pixel 8 Pro renders

(Image credit: OnLeaks/Smartprix)

The Smartprix report mentions that the Pixel 8 Pro's display is around 6.52 inches. That would be quite a change from the 6.7-inch display that the Pixel 7 Pro featured, especially since the rumored dimensions included with the Pixel 8 Pro renders — 162.6 x 76.5 x 8.7mm — aren't noticeably different from Google's current Pro model.

The Pixel 8 Pro is expected to feature a new Tensor chipset, with some early reports claiming that it would be built on a 3nm process. If true, that would mean significant performance and power-efficiency gains from the 5nm Tensor G2. It's also possible that early reports were premature and that the Tensor G3 will be a 4nm chipset instead, especially since Apple has reportedly locked up all the 3nm chips from TSMC for the A17 Bionic silicon slated for the iPhone 15 Pro.

We don't expect the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro to emerge before a fall release, as Google typically waits until October each year to roll out its flagships. However, we did get a sneak peek at the Pixel 7 at last year's Google I/O, suggesting Google could use this year's developer conference to once again preview new hardware.

We could find out soon enough. Google I/O 2023 will take place this year on May 10. In the meantime, check out our Pixel 8 hub for all the latest rumors and leaks. 

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