Google Pixel 5 design reveals a radical new camera

Google Pixel 5 design render
(Image credit: Sarang Sheth)

The Google Pixel 5 could look like an evolved take on the Pixel 4 rather than a wholly different phone, if the latest design renders are anything to go by. 

Created by Sarang Sheth of Yanko Design, these new concept design images are based on a collection of leaks and rumours around the Pixel 5, as well as the established Pixel phone aesthetic. Only it has one major and possibly jarring feature. 

From the front, the Pixel 5 in this concept simply looks like a Pixel 4 with a few refinements. The top bezel looks a little slimmer and more refined than the large bezel on the Pixel 4, which is used to hold the phone’s face-scanning sensors and Soli radar chip. This design would hint that Google may have found a way to shrink its sensors and chip down and thus make the bezel much less screen-eating than it previously was.

The edges of the glass on the screen look to be slightly curved, though the display itself looks to be flat. This could make the Pixel 5 nicer to hold than its predecessor but also avoid false touch detection but not having the touchscreen right on the edges.

On the edges, it looks like business as usual for the Pixel 5. You'll find smooth curved sides and a colorful power button on the right-hand side, as well as a USB-C port on the phone's bottom edge.

Google Pixel 5 design render

(Image credit: Sarang Sheth)

However, flip the phone over (albeit virtually) and you’ll see a new camera module. It follows the rumours that the Pixel 5 will have a triple-camera array, but while some might have expected a refined square camera module, Sheth has put in a U-shaped camera bump. 

That bump appears flatter and more flush with the Pixel 5’s colourful glass rear, which would be much appreciated by people who weren’t a fan of the chunky module on the Pixel 4. However, the orientation of the three lenses looks a bit like a surprised robot face to us. 

We saw something similar with the dual-camera display notch of the Pixel 3 XL, which also looked like two robot eyes were gawking at the user. Depending on your feelings towards camera bumps, and indeed robots, Sheth’s take on the Pixel 5 design might be something you either like or are immediately put off by. 

While there’s an argument for a proper premium Pixel phone that rubs shoulders with the likes of the iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy S20 Ultra in terms of design and materials, the Pixel 5 could come with a less than flagship specification. That means it could further undercut the aforementioned Apple and Samsung phones in terms of price and thereby justify keeping with the rather utilitarian Pixel design. 

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