Google Maps could be getting this game changing feature

Google Maps on iPhone
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Update: Even more upgrades are coming to Google Maps, and the lion's share goes to iPhone

Google Maps is an incredibly useful tool, especially if you’re trying to figure out an area you’re not familiar with. But jumping back and forth between different locations  isn’t ideal, which is why this new “dock to bottom” feature sounds so appealing.

From the looks of things this is an experimental feature spotted by Search Engine Roundtable (via Android Police), which allows desktop users to save locations to a dock at the bottom of a map. That way it’s easier to switch between locations you’re checking out.

The feature works by offering up a “Dock to bottom” button on a business profile, and clicking it pins that profile to the bottom of the screen. Like so:

google maps dock to bottom experimental feature

(Image credit: Google Maps)

The feature seems to be incredibly limited right now, so don’t expect to find it on Google Maps just yet. Some people have even reported seeing the feature, and not being able to replicate it later.

There’s no guarantee that this feature will ever see the light of day. Google is well known for scrapping features at the experimental stage, and the fact some people can’t replicate it isn’t a good sign.

Still this is the kind of thing we’d like to see come to Google Maps proper, and should make comparing locations easier than ever. Especially on mobile, where you don’t have the luxury of opening up different tabs. Only time will tell.

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