Galaxy Note 10 Camera Upgrade Could Make It a Beast in Low Light

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 series is about to be shown off to the world for the first time, and we may have a new hint about some major camera upgrades. 

Dutch site LetsGoDigital found a pair of trademarks registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office, named Smart ISO and AI-ISO.

These applications were made earlier in July by Fieldfisher, a company that has registered trademarks on Samsung’s behalf in the past. The trademarks are listed under the categories: ‘cameras, smartphones, camera sensors, software for the image sensor’, which gives us a good idea of what and where these trademarks will appear.

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So what could this technology be capable of? ISO, in case you aren’t up on your photography terms, is named for the International Standards Organization, specifically their standards for film speed, the value that governs how sensitive physical film or a digital sensor is to light.

Greater sensitivity is best in darker conditions or when trying to capture something that’s moving fast, while the opposite is the case in brighter conditions or for stationary subjects, at least in general. Phones like the Huawei P30 Pro have a huge ISO range to make sure it’s capable of taking good photos whatever the situation, but most have a smaller range that covers general usage.

Having the ISO setting automatically changed by the device makes taking photos much easier for users, particularly if there’s an AI involved which could analyze what the camera’s seeing and the user’s preferences to make a better final image.

An earlier Note 10 rumor claimed that the main camera would have a three-stage aperture, an upgrade over the previous two-stage version that’s been present on many Samsung phones. It’s possible that this could be the hardware that makes Smart ISO smart, assuming this rumor proves to be true, but it could equally be some other innovation Samsung’s cooking up for a future device.

Other aspects of the Note 10's cameras have been repeatedly leaked. We can expect at least three on the back, likely a main, ultra-wide and telephoto combination with an additional TOF sensor on the Note 10+. Meanwhile, on the front, there's a single central punch-hole for the selfie camera, giving the Note 10 a uniquely clean look.

The August 7 reveal date of the Note 10 is only a short time away, so we’ll have our answers soon enough. But if you’re hungry for everything we know so far Samsung’s new phone, our regularly updated Galaxy Note 10 news and rumor page is what you need.

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