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Fitbit Premium partners with Deepak Chopra for mindful meditation sessions

Fitbit Premium Deepak Chopra
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Fitbit Premium users have a new way to practice mindfulness and mental wellness with a trusted expert. Fitbit just announced a partnership with Deepak Chopra that brings audio and video meditation sessions led by the self-help guru to subscribers.

Deepak Chopra’s Mindful Method for Fitbit consists of 10 sessions at launch, addressing stress management, breath, sleep, happiness and more. Fitbit says new content will be added through the beginning of June, so Premium users have plenty of mindfulness practices to look forward to in coming months.

Fitbit Premium costs $9.99 per month or $80 for a the year, but new users get a 90-day free trial and purchasing a Fitbit Sense extends that trial to 6 months. The Fitbit Sense also has specific features that'll let you make the most of the Mindful Method.

The Fitbit Sense, one of the best smartwatches and best fitness trackers right now, has an electrodermal activity (EDA) temperature sensor that reads your body’s response to stress. In addition to a daily Stress Management Score, the mindfulness tile in the Fitbit app encourages you to set a weekly mindfulness goal so you give your emotional health the same care you do your physical health. 

When you meditate with Deepak Chopra, you can track changes to your EDA, as well as whether it influences your sleep quality or activity levels. Fitbit already offered a pretty holistic picture of your health, but this new partnership provides actionable content for mental wellness in a way we'd like to see more wearable companies following right now.

Whether it's the pandemic, school, work, finances or a case of the winter blues, stress is unavoidable. But meditation is a proven way (and even touted by Oprah) to recenter yourself when life feels out of control. 

“You can definitely take control of your stress,” Deepak shares in the Mindful Method announcement post. “I think if somebody says to me that they don’t have time for meditation even once a day, that tells me that they need it twice a day.

Kate Kozuch

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