Fitbit is rolling out snore and noise detection — here's how to enable it

Fitbit Versa 3 review
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Fitbit is rolling out its new snore detection feature, making it available for Fitbit Versa 3 or a Fitbit Sense smartwatch users with and a Premium subscription. 

Announced earlier this year, the Snore & Noise Detect is pushed out as an update to the sleep score functions already available on the Fitbit smartwatches. The aim is to give Fitbit deeper sleep analysis data.

To do this Snore & Noise Detect records the sound intensity at night, analysing how loud or quiet the noise levels in the room are. It also looks for snore-specific noises, so you will be able to see in the morning whether your own snores, or those of your partner, have disturbed you during the night. 

The microphone on the Sense and Versa 3 will collect information about the noise in your environment every few seconds once the tracker has determined you are asleep. Fitbit is currently the only smartwatch on the market to use snore detection as a sleep metric, and it is thought it will be a feature that’ll be available on their new Fitbit Charge 5, which will be on sale later this fall.

How to enable snore and noise detect on your Fitbit

To enable snore and noise detect on your Fitbit, open the Fitbit app and visit the Sleep page. On the sleep page, you’ll see a "Check for snoring" option. If you click on "Learn more," you will be taken to a page that tells you about the snore and noise detect feature.

 If you click next, then agree and continue to the privacy policies, you will then be able to enable the watch to record your noise levels at night. You can turn the noise detection off at any time in your sleep settings. 

Fitbit has warned their users that the snore detection monitoring does use battery life, and recommends that anyone using the function ensures their tracker is on at least 40% before they nod off. 

It’s also worth noting that this feature is just rolling out, so you might not see it in your settings yet, even if you have the right membership and equipment. 

While we’ve yet to see how Fitbit’s snore function works in practise, it’s exciting to see Fitbit adding new features to its sleep tracking metrics. The brand has always felt one step ahead of its competitors in terms of sleep tracking and was one of the first to include in-depth sleep analysis in its products. Fitbit is also said to have been working on sleep apnea detection for a long time, so whether this is the first in a series of new sleep updates remains to be seen. 

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