Does Loki episode 1 have a post-credits scene?

Loki on Disney Plus: Is there a post-credits scene?
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So, now that you've hit the Loki TV series' credits, you might be wondering if there's anything at the end of this tunnel. So far, Disney Plus has given you reason to expect and also doubt that you'll be rewarded with a treat for sticking around — or fast-forwarding to the end. 

That's because WandaVision was loaded with mid- and post-credits scenes to keep us guessing, while Falcon and Winter Solider had none. But to answer the question that brought you here: there is no post-credits scene for Loki.

Annoying, right? After all that big mystery raised about the fugitive variant, the least Loki could have done is give us an actual clue. We want to believe it's not actually Loki who's hunting down everything, and that someone else is using a fake temporal aura to impersonate him.

We also would have been happy to see more of Hunter B-15 or the TVA employee who doesn't know what fish are, in such a scene. The physical comedy that Loki and Hunter B-15 enjoyed throughout the episode, especially when Loki took control, really lend themselves to such shenanigans. Post-credits scenes don't need to tease plot details, they can just make us laugh. Come on, Marvel!

So, this means you have to wait for next week's Loki episode 2 for more details. That episode will arrive at 3 a.m. ET on Wednesday, June 16. Yes, Disney Plus is breaking from its streak of releasing shows on Fridays, just for Loki. He seems perfectly happy causing havoc in time and space, so bringing that chaotic energy to a streaming service seems like the next logical step.

In the meantime, ponder the true nature of the Time-Keepers, and their overall role in the series and MCU. Will they turn out to have powers on par with the Eternals, or is Loki setting us up for a gag akin the reveal of The Mandarin in Iron Man 3?

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